a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Friday, March 2, 2012


In 24 Days we are having the moving company come and pack all our worldly goods in a van and head northeast. The next morning we will gather up 22 cays and pack up the pick-up truck with a camper(F-150 four door) and my Toyota Carolla and we are driving to Baton Rouge as our first stop. It will take all day just to get out of Texas. The weather is sending chills up of spine....tornadoes, severe storms are lining the way we need to travel. I can just see the swath of destruction along our way. Right now we are 50% packed sounds like a lot but there is so much we need to use during this interim time that it can not be packed too soon. I would like to toss everything and just buy again but that is silly and not cost effective since our stuff is from the days of good quality and not made cheaply in China. We are both paralyzed with the amount of work that needs to be done, his part-time work is a real nightmare! Rick Perry can collect his retirement and full working salary and so can hundreds of other people but jesuschrist heaven forbid a person who is now on 1/3 of his salary can't even work part time or risk loosing his pension! [It is the same program that Rick Perry is on that is why I mention this] The weather is a real concern. Our over all health and mental health is a concern. Driving with millions of people who know the roads that will be new to us across the country for 2500 miles is a challenge. But we need to break down the components of this whole event into smaller parts and not think about all that still need to be done. My closet is almost empty...a good thing....although there are no closets like the ones here in the new old house there! Do I have too much stuff or do I just take good care of what I have and it stays around for decades? The weather is freaking me out. One day it is cold then like today it is so muggy I can swim through the air better than walk or so it seems. And to top it off the SPring flowers are going crazy beautiful, especially the Texas Mountain Laurel, they are all over the neighborhood! They are beautiful purple bunches of clusters like grapes made of petals.... I am so allergic to them I can't breath. So this is where I am at T MINUS 24!

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