a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Patriotic Holidays

I hate these holidays that ask me to thank a Vet for their sacrifice for my freedom. Those Vets are all nearly dead. No one has died for my freedom in my life time.

Not one war would have ruined this country's economic or otherwise freedom. All the wars military persons have died in have been in the name of skewed ideology or greed for oil or simple revenge. No safety has been secured, no enemy has been defeated, no country has been saved in anyway in my life time.

We have wounded, maimed, and disable men and women being brave in their sacrifice. We have a Congress blind to their sacrifice, their suffering, and craving more ways for more pain they can inflict on their own country and other countries that looked at the USA cross-eyed or just a passing sideways glance. We have forced our views on others while sucking dry our own people of their money, their hope, their faith and love for country. Congress has mangled the Constitution and ignored the rights we once had as inalienable.

We no longer use any religious moral code to base out actions on. Those who claim to be Christians are not more a Christian than the moon. Actions speak... words just pollute the air. The ultra conservatives are so afraid of any changes that they send back people to Congress who would be the village idiot who, like a broken clock could be right twice a day except they are missing the minute hand. We are so divided that the all of us are mired in semantics and definitions of the words we shoot like arrow volleys.

Spare me these Patriotic Holidays. World War II is over and Japan and Germany won in the long run. We lost, The American People lost, however the American Corporate Empires are fat and wealthy like Croesus and like Midas turn everything in to gold. Can't eat gold, can't sleep on gold can't drink gold.

Monday, November 10, 2014

I will take the challenge

I saw

I decided to try.

I have had a rucksack prepared for this event for decades. It kept me sane in the face of extreme depression and imprisonment. The prison was of my own devices of being a good daughter and staying home to care for my invalid father while my mother went back to work. Father was not kind all the time to me. I had a sister who left and only came to ask for money. She never once offered to help me out in all the years I was at home tending to a cranky, verbally abusive man cut down in his prime. I coped because I loved my father. I stayed out of duty because it was the right thing to do.

I saw a TV show called Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and decided that if the off chance this could happen I needed a ruck sack so I could leave at a moments notice.
The contents changed over the years. I even had a traveling outfit ready...I said it was to keep me sane in a time of great challenges.....

My first thought was it is cold in space. So a pair of wool socks was in the pocket with a change of undies. I was a practical person if I were to travel I needed to be tidy, clean, and well dressed for the occasion. I am a female so I have a bit of make-up...mascara, a liner pencil, some shadow...no lip stick. I also have a jar of petroleum jelly, toothbrush, a baggie of baking soda & aspirin. I do have the towel & several hankies. I have a shawl made of alpaca it is warm and folds small. I have a notebook, pens and pencils and a very good jack knife of all things. I have a comb and hairpins. I did keep soap and shampoo... not a lot because I am sure there are ways to keep clean in this adventure. If I needed to be on earth I also had money to tide me over until I can find work. Along with that all the ID and papers one needs to be acceptable. That was in a small zipper pouch.
I had a silk scarf. I had a bottle of water & some granola bars. Like Heidi I wore all my clothes in layers. I also had good walking shoes. I wore my jewelry, what I wore changed over the years to be more real gold and silver for barter. I also had a few paperback books in the rucksack those also changed over the decades. I now have a bowl made of wood, some matches and a fat candle, wood spoon. The rucksack is still not full and still not very heavy. I can customize the contents at will. I no longer need menstrual items which saves space and makes me free to take that rucksack and just leave .......Depending on the circumstances I am ready but if it is here I need to take the cats and the Old One with me since we don't need to leave unless it is a disaster.......I am still doing my duty.....

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What Republicans Mean to Me

I fear for my safety under republican rule. They are intolerant and ready to kill first and sweep the facts under the rug. They have no compassion for animals or people who are not wealthy. They do not follow any of then tenets of their religion, because kindness and charity are the fore most in all the religions I have studied. They do not allow the feeding of the hungry, they want homeless people to be homeless since of course it is their own fault they have no home and wealth. Republican spout "Christian" values all the time yet they use that Old Testament vengeance as their basic tenet, not the mercy and kindness from Jesus. Republicans love war and killing people and animals; they wrap it in red, white, and blue pseudo patriotism.... that is fascism for those who did not pay attentions in school. They wrap the pleasure of killing animals into tradition and that warm, fuzzy father son bonding. Nothing says love more than slaughter of innocent animals who are baited and staked out to be killed. Republicans Love war and killing those who do not look like them, sound like them, pray like them. By God it is good for business. It gives jobs to those young people who republicans insist on being born. It puts money into the pockets of their friends. Everyone can find a job in the body bag making factory or they are just lazy and don't want to work. Republican hate change, science, and progress. To them What was good enough for my granddad is good enough for me unless granddad was working for the WPA, NRA, CCC....
Republicans hate more than they love. They hate the unfortunate, the poor, the different. They hate women unless those women stay home, cook, raise those babies, and drop their drawers whenever their man gets a hard on. Of course those wives need to be kept in line and a few smacks with a belt or club or fist is in the Bible so it is all ordained by god to beat women. That is what I feel and see when some says they are a Republican. Now if I am wrong show me that the ruling class, the ruling party is different. Show me the child care, the education, the love of the Christ in action. Show me feeding the poor and not bombing countries. Of course ones a democrat gets elected they turn into a republican too since I do not see much coming from them either. They got theirs and they hell with those who are lazy( of course they do not know nor care about the facts....all poor people are lazy, eh?)
So the people in Pennsylvania can eat their dog and cat roasts, all those Maine can torture bears before they slaughter them. And all those who like to gnaw on the flesh of others.... well that is just tradition isn't it.
If this is what is meant by god bless america then I am happy to not be part of such a depraved god.