a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Monday, November 10, 2014

I will take the challenge

I saw

I decided to try.

I have had a rucksack prepared for this event for decades. It kept me sane in the face of extreme depression and imprisonment. The prison was of my own devices of being a good daughter and staying home to care for my invalid father while my mother went back to work. Father was not kind all the time to me. I had a sister who left and only came to ask for money. She never once offered to help me out in all the years I was at home tending to a cranky, verbally abusive man cut down in his prime. I coped because I loved my father. I stayed out of duty because it was the right thing to do.

I saw a TV show called Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and decided that if the off chance this could happen I needed a ruck sack so I could leave at a moments notice.
The contents changed over the years. I even had a traveling outfit ready...I said it was to keep me sane in a time of great challenges.....

My first thought was it is cold in space. So a pair of wool socks was in the pocket with a change of undies. I was a practical person if I were to travel I needed to be tidy, clean, and well dressed for the occasion. I am a female so I have a bit of make-up...mascara, a liner pencil, some shadow...no lip stick. I also have a jar of petroleum jelly, toothbrush, a baggie of baking soda & aspirin. I do have the towel & several hankies. I have a shawl made of alpaca it is warm and folds small. I have a notebook, pens and pencils and a very good jack knife of all things. I have a comb and hairpins. I did keep soap and shampoo... not a lot because I am sure there are ways to keep clean in this adventure. If I needed to be on earth I also had money to tide me over until I can find work. Along with that all the ID and papers one needs to be acceptable. That was in a small zipper pouch.
I had a silk scarf. I had a bottle of water & some granola bars. Like Heidi I wore all my clothes in layers. I also had good walking shoes. I wore my jewelry, what I wore changed over the years to be more real gold and silver for barter. I also had a few paperback books in the rucksack those also changed over the decades. I now have a bowl made of wood, some matches and a fat candle, wood spoon. The rucksack is still not full and still not very heavy. I can customize the contents at will. I no longer need menstrual items which saves space and makes me free to take that rucksack and just leave .......Depending on the circumstances I am ready but if it is here I need to take the cats and the Old One with me since we don't need to leave unless it is a disaster.......I am still doing my duty.....

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  1. I love the idea of your rucksack. Just for the idea of it and especially since it came from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. But more so because in this day and age you never know when you might have to high tail it out of town.