a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Saturday, December 15, 2012


As a society we have accepted the killing of innocents with our wars currently going on, We accept the violence in our movies, games, and daily thoughts as our euphemism show. What we all forget is some people can not separate the reality from the fantasy. Those few people who see death as a good thing, a game, or other unknown wreck havoc on our collective psyche as well as ruin the lives of those immediately involved. We are too big a population to see those who are odd and dangerous since we accept the individual oddity as a good thing. Few of us can tell the difference between the odd and the dangerous person.
If guns were not accessible I believe few of these tragedies would not occur. It is too late to gather all the weapons from those who wish to do harm. We do not know who will desire to kill on any given day. We do not know who will actually kill on any given day.
As a society we need to do what? What can we do so keep people from going over the edge of commonsense? What can we do to know who is at risk to do such destruction? How do we stop a person from his own desires to kill when we are a nation bent on killing others overseas, or even in out movies and games. Are they not related in the mind of those who have a weak grasp on reality and do they really have a weak grasp? Are We, society, the ones who are double minded about who deserves to die and who does not, so we can comfortably watch the killing of those over seas and say it is the right thing to do while condemning those who massacre out children in our schools/home/streets just because they are ours and not the "others".

Friday, December 7, 2012

Irony Part One: Coffee Crises

I drink coffee. The the coffee maker takes #4 cone filters. Months ago I had to buy #2 in a 200 pack size since there were no #4, and 200 was the only size when I was in the store and it is an 80 mile round trip so I was not going to go back anytime soon. I have used up the #2 cones. I did have some basket filters left and put them away for emergency; However, while unpacking some boxes for my aunt I saw she had one of these mesh reusable #4 cones. Ah ha! says I, when I run out I will go and get that from the storage room, since storage space is at a premium in the kitchen.

A month later I have the dear wonderful contractor (I mean that sincerely.) come to do work. I noticed that morning that #2 was my last filter. So I will go get the mesh one later on today.

By later on that day the whole of the available area in the storage room was being used to store the items for the other projects still to be done in a few days (He roofs and the dry days are needed for outside work and he has 3 more roofs to do while the weather keeps.) I can not get to the are where the mesh filter is at this time. No bit problem says I. I need to go to the store and I will just buy a pack of #4 cones at the local grocery store which I have discovered as a wonder little gem. #4, #2, in fact all cones filters were sold out.....only baskets. Well I have some basket shapes here in the kitchen....in a safe and reasonable place.

I return home and Can't remember where that reasonable place is. I need to look in earnest or there will be no coffee this morning, Or I can rinse out the filter again since I did it yesterday morning.

This is Irony in spades. This is only part one of the series.