a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Friday, March 3, 2017

Lenten Season

After these many weeks of this election cycle results I have run out of words that convert my disgust with those elected and appointment people. My normal vocabulary of epitaphs, cuss words ( foreign and domestic) no longer serve the purpose.They have gotten old and leave me with a feeling of being vulgar. So in this Lenten season I want to cease with the impotent slang language, since it is not helping my mood anyway.
I have used this term for several years(decades? I am old so I forget) I coined another word well over a decade ago "Stompy" and it still serves its usefulness.
So here is my word for those who wish to use it:

Nutmeg Carver:
noun…… a person who, with the intent to cheat which actions, words, or tangible items falsifies, misleads or other wise misrepresents his/her intentions or goods with the purpose to fraud, commit fraud, or encourage fraud on unsuspecting people, public, or audience. Not to be confused with a magician who is an honorable performer to entertain.
The phrase comes from colonial days of families and /or individuals who would spend their winter down time carving wood knots so they would resemble nutmegs. The person or persons would then add the fake nutmegs( “salt the batch of nutmegs) to real nutmegs and sell them all as genuine nutmegs to the unsuspecting person.
It is a premeditated action. Done with the full intent to lie, cheat, and steal from trusting people who have no way to test the veracity of the seller’s product, claims, or promises.
To be a nutmeg carver is a very dishonorable thing and odious insult to be called.

Nutmeg carving....the action of committing fraud or lies and such knowingly.

used in a sentence..........Those writers of the speech are very good at nutmeg carving.

Carving the nutmeg(s) the action in progress of lying or otherwise being false.

Used in a sentence......Kellyanne was really carving the nutmegs during that interview.

Carved Nutmeg something discovered to be false, a lie, or misrepresented to the point of being ridiculous.

used in a sentence........This action certainly turned into a carved nutmeg.

Feel free to expand of this idea.