a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Friday, July 11, 2014

What I have learned

I have been through 3 power outages since 9:45 am so I have had time to really think about the state of the Union of the USA. Most electricity companies are for profit so I will thank the workers who get the lines back up and working but not the company since they are not it it as a service to me or the community but for profit and like all for profit companies in the USA they cut corners on the consumer side all the time. So no thank-yous for EMERA for getting my electricity back on; it is your job and you help thwart me from using alternate power, too. Just keep it on. I pay enough for it anyway. Plus you are not even an American company but from Canada.

Another thing I have learned is the William Randolph Hearst was the spear head leader to vilify Hemp as a good crop for paper and fiber and all the other things it can do( a milk like beverage, textiles from rope to silky fabric, oil and so on) Only because he had invested in forests for tree pulp paper. He owned nearly all the important newspapers and several congressmen/Senators so it was a slam dunk to ruin a cash crop that even President Washington grew.

I am sure the big pharmaceutical industry is behind the vilification of marijuana and the opiates as useful medications. I do know morphine is better at controlling pain with out addiction than oxycodone. I do not smoke grass but of course the liquor industry does not want weed to interfere with its billions of dollar sales each years.

No insurance wants to pay out money so those of us who pay into it at a high rate out of fear. Insurance companies have no right to be in the health care area of people. They are there make money...Period. So it is an oxymoron to say health insurance.

Another thing is neither the Israelis not the Palestinians want peace. If they did they would not be doing everything to not have peace. This war and all the other ethnic wars are profiting many businesses and not all of them are American so the other so called first world nations have a big stake in keeping the fighting going.

The USA Government has ceased to be the citizen of the country. We lost our power several decades ago. It is so obvious with the devolution of the Republican part and the neutering of the Democratic party. Few senators and congressmen are independent of some lobby or corporate ownership. Those who can stand the test of scrutiny are allowed in as tokens to keep up the veneer that we are some how a democracy still. We are not. We changed over to fascism a while back. One problem that people have is the definition was changed well over a decade ago in the common dictionaries published here in the USA. I know since I collect old dictionaries and read them. We just do it a bit different since times are different.
So this is what I know and have learned.