a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

We need to start NOW

Going back to old normal is the worse thing we can do…It was that old normal that got us into this pandemic.It was the old normal that made it so millions of people are superfine from the stay at home and be safe rules that are done to keep us from getting this plague.
The blatant theft and pillaging from the public coffers is the cause of 90% of our suffering here in the US. We have people who have multi billions of dollars and are building edifices  to their greed and still begrudging those who made their billions living wages!. We pay trillions in taxes and we the people get  nothing in return during these times yet huge corporations stole the money earmarked for small businesses the list is in this link https://factba.se/sba-loans?fbclid=IwAR0BHWkFZc36Rtkmhlo9SRMXPJZv4Pa6YV3t47Yv0Ohck4eHEheG2i59uEE
They are worth BILLIONS of dollars and small businesses that only wanted about $100,000 got NOTHNING
The old normal is corrupt and was not working for the majority of the people here in the US.
To go back to that is stupid and suicide.
We must have universal health care NOW. The AMA and Insurance Companies can go to hell with their lobbying against this and people who scream Socialism are ignorant buffoons who should not be counted as thinking adults.
We need to tax the ultra wealthy…no one needs a billion dollars and not one person “earned” that much money…they took  by making their workers poor and making them suffer. And if you give my that line well no one made them work there then you are too ignorant to enter this adult discussion. 90% of One Billion dollars is $900,000,000 that will leave some one with one billion dollars after the taxes  still $100,000,000…..one hundred million dollars to live on and if they can live on that  then they need to cut back on lattes for a while.
We have no need for the biggest drain on the country- The Military - with its black hole of spending. Let the diplomats, and not those yahoos who paid to be an ambassador, work with and through the United Nations to stop the wars. There is no reason but greed, and mental illness of those who lust for powers to ave wars. We do not need to have a military presence in every corner of the world.  
A new order of commerce, education and living needs to be the focus of the New Order….a kinder and gentler world order….by having a Universal Basic Income people can live in the small towns and villages and work from home or here’s a thought do the art they love, or doing the things that are needed in every community but does not make enough income for all ones expenses. 4.a….we need to go back to the basics reasons for education to read and write, to learn literature, history, science and maths….social skills, homemaking skills, all the “innovative” educational crap has failed in the past 25 years. The purpose of education is to learn about the world we live in and see where we want to contribute to the advancement of that world ….Where do we come from how we got this far and where are we going to?
The idea of citizens being consumers is the crux of the problem we are stupid to believe we need more stuff…..advertisers just want to sell things. They do not have your best interests in mind just their bottom line and that is wrong. If we educate ourselves we can spot the scam of this consumerism plague.
All politicians need to change their attitude from stealing and getting as much out of the public monies as they can to one of Public Service…at one time far in the past people ran for elected posts to HELP and Make changes for the betterment of all the people. It was called Public Service to be in service to the people all the people.
If you are a racist and xenophobe then you need to get mental health care ASAP. When Universal Health Care happens ( and it can with in a year from the start) you can get the help you need to not be so filled with hate. We are all one species and the color & other outer attributes are surface and have nothing to do with anything …it is truly your problem but then you become active in your mental illness of hate and feel the need to hurt others…it is a sickness that needs treatment.
Old normal got us here to the Pandemic….the cult of wealth hoarding is more virulent than Covid-19. The cult of malignant power lust got us here…not the virus the virus is the result of the misuse of power, the blatant greed of the elected peoples in this country.

Do not begrudge others the life you want for yourselves ….this is the simple rule…..want for others what you want for you…..Once you are mentally well you will see this…

Saturday, April 11, 2020

No more OLD normal

Should we take the attitude that people die all the time and just go back to the life as we did before? Or should we demand universal health care and responsive government first? Who runs this country? The banks? The rich bastards? the people like trump? NO it is the day to day people now working as essential people...We have been cuckold by both parties who are afraid to lose big money for their careers at the public trough, who steal from the public treasury, they have not one shred of respect for the people who they are suppose to be working for. Never go back to normal! Demand that we count FIRST not the Banks, BIG business, the parasitic billionaires, not Wall Street, no the military industrial complex and we need to destroy the medical industrial complex. We need to regulate the pharmaceutical corporations...No more obscenely wealthy making us their peasants, serfs, slaves....laughing at us while we die in the streets or in our hovels....The rich are the bottom line of the problem in they country and most of the world....

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Now is the Time

We all have this wonder of wonders of the Internet. Anyone who is paying attention to what is NOT being done here in the US needs to start from home now to demand change in this government now. We need the basics of life in this country.  Trump and the republicans have taken everything away from us for their greed, for their mental illness of hoarding money while millions go with out the basic necessities living! Even serfs and peasant had a hovel to call home.  Many of us have only the streets like some third world despotic dictatorship.
Bezos of Amazon just FIRED people for wanting safer working conditions in this horrific pandemic HE FIRED THEM for the audacity to unionize for better working conditions and decent pay! Bezos can pay for all their demands from his checking account and not miss the money!
Trump refused to consider Covid-19 as anything thing important in December 2019! He keeps vital necessities away from states that he does not like! He knew about this disaster before he turned it into some money making event for his cronies....Elected Republicans MADE money off the death and suffering of Americans when they crashed the stock markets getting out and making millions of dollars.
Now to the Elected Democrats..where the hell are you? Why do you not see the vital need for universal health care? Why are you not raking the the Elected republican over the coals for their helping create this disaster for the American people? Where there hell are all of you?
It is obvious this country needs fundamental change, the same change Franklin Delano Roosevelt sought to bring about for the people! He did wonders bringing the US into the modern age of compassion and YOU dropped the ball!
Americans, we need to demand the MEDIA speak out when trump LIES when he speaks like an idiot and a no nothing blowhard .... he is no leader,  he is a shame on our country. His followers are sick and need intervention.
These are some of the fundamental rights of ALL Americans not just the 1%:
1. Universal Health Care NOW.
No more for profit medical industry.
2. Medications for all who need them
NO MORE Price gouging by the soul less pharmaceutical industry!
3. HOUSING no more the speculation in real-estate that keeps the vast majority of people out of decent housing and many more living on the streets!
4. NO ONE NEEDS TO BE A BILLIONAIRE...All billionaires are sick greedy people who want more and more, gluttons, thieves....NO ONE MADE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS by being a decent human being.
We are suffering with this pandemic because of all of the above! We did not need to have this come to our country in such a way that it caught any one by surprise.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

“Power Concedes Nothing Without Demand” Frederick Douglass

“Power Concedes Nothing Without Demand” Frederick Douglass

No Law Can Deny Workers Our Inherent Right to Withhold Our Labor To Improve Our Lives.

During this crises of Covid-19, during this time when the Federal Government let us down and has denied us care, help, and solace we need to act now for our own betterment.
We have for far too long been complacent with the claptrap babble of politicians that are voted in that have no intentions of looking out for our well being. Not one corporation that moved to China or Mexico or any other country out of the USA did so for our benefit. They moved overseas for their profits. They left us twisting in the wind with stagnant and declining wages, Usurious interest rates, inflated real-estate prices, rents to the point that a working person is homeless! They destroyed the ability of the regular person to be able to afford a house or the rent for an apartment.  The entertainment industry kept pushing in our faces the lives of the obscenely rich to emulate and like brainless zombies most of the Americans bought into the lie.  
Now in this C-19 crises we see who are the important people in this country. And Everyone working their asses off for the benefit of the rest of us are still paid crap wages, have no paid sick leave no retirement plans, no healthcare.
Yet all the politicians are millionaires or even BILLIONAIRES. 
The party in power( Republicans) are the base line blame for the state of this Country. The Republican fake trickle down economics from Reagan on to the the current regime that wants to deny you your very life for the bottom line of their corporate friends while still begrudging you some pennies to pay the rent or buy food while in lock down, have no concern for your life or your family’s lives. You do not matter only their profit. Only  obscene greed is the mantra of the POTUS and every other elected republican. The Democrats since Carter are not much better either but they do not have the power NOW! 
Will these corporate megaliths reward your work with better living wages after this crises is over? NO, they will go back to their orgy and wallow in the blood of the workers while they build another mansion with 50 bathrooms.
These corporations have sent millions of jobs overseas leaving us with few choices to work. They parsimonious attitude leaves most of us full time workers qualifying for public assistance. Their greed leave even more of us with out full time work and living hand to mouth.
We do not need to storm their castles with pitch forks, We simple need to STOP working. Let the management do the work. 
 Demand your rights:
  1 .To fare wages not starvation wages
 2.Universal health care so we are not indentured to a bad job just for the “health insurance”.
3. Demand that NO federal money… 
YOUR TAX MONEY goes to any corporation.

Get rid of the jackboot standing on your neck, Get rid of the jackboot that rapes your land, your country in their greed orgy
Do it now or you will be the sacrifice POTUS wants… The Republicans want you to die. Read the news and you will see many times…well some will die…so what!
That is who runs your country now People who want you to die!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Fundamental changes NOW

The GOP and Trump will throw a bit of money at us and many will say god bless these saviors which is bullshit......They are the ones who dragged their feet for months. They are the ones that destroyed the https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/trump-disbanded-nsc-pandemic-unit-experts-praised-69594177
that would have been of great help.https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/trump-disbanded-nsc-pandemic-unit-experts-praised-69594177
There is NO health care here in the US. The rich can see the doctor the rest of us just die.
Universal Health Care is a right in these civilized times. We pay out trillions of dollars to corporations so their CEOs can become billionaires. We Bail out poorly run companies and Wall Street as if they contribute to the well being of the We the People.
Remember folks the Republicans have done nothing for the people since they got power with Reagan...If you have an example then feel free to site it here!
The Republicans and trim hate you all. Remember that with that bit of money comes to you .....THEY BEGRUDGE you every penny in that check!.
 Do not fall for their lies anymore. Stop being so stupid that you hate your fellow citizen as much as you hate yourself since you do not wish others well!
W also need the Universal Basic Income! There is plenty of money to fund this for 100 years...we fund war and killing, we fund the billionaires  why not the people who the only see as cash cows?
Universal Health Care &
Universal Basic Income!
Let those rich people pay for their luxuries not you!
The rich are the Enemy of the people!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


This plague we are all enduring is the perfect time to fundamentally change the way things are done in the USA and overthrow the republican dictatorship that has led to the failure of the is country.
Millions of people are home and millions are now on the internet it is time to start disseminating information to rally people for fundamental change.
  1. Universal Health Care
  2. Universal Basic Income
  3. Low to no cost college education
  4. Bring the housing market out of the stratosphere and into pre greed prices and costs.
  5. No homeless people…there are millions of empty buildings/hotels/malls that can be converted into places people can live nicely in every city in the USA.
  6. Remote working. This can open the possibilities of small struggling villages and towns across the US to people who can work from home, and still have the ambience of a small town and in a climate of their choosing.
  7. Get ALL the religion out of the government. You have specific beliefs? Fine just no more forcing others to adhere to them through government edict and laws.
  8. Wear what ever religious garb and jewelry  you want it is nobody’s business…just stay clean.
  9. All utilities need to be publicly owned and no one should ever not have electricity, CLEAN water, or heating or cooling problems. Subsidize until it is included in housing.
  10. Public transportation in every city to get anywhere in the metro area with ease and safety.

More later but this is the first wave of fundamental changes needed here NOW.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Failed Nation: The United States of America

It is a long time coming but we have arrived at the Failed United States of America. I have warned for years this time would come and it is here.
No part to the federal government is functioning. Not one agency, department, division is functioning…. Flailing about yes but not doing their job for the PEOPLE whom they work for. From the President on over to the Senate and Supreme Court not one area of the government is functioning.
There needs to be fundamental changes and this regime will not even tender one idea let alone care to fix the broken united States of America. We have been over run by traitors in the Senate, The President and Vice President, Every sycophant and relatives the president has as advisors are so inadequate for the fast they have that it boggles the mind of a thinking human being. The Fifth Estate of the News Media….have let us down a decade or more ago…they are tabloid, yellow journalism, propaganda outlets.
This international pandemic is the straw that broke the back of this country, This pandemic has revealed the non-functioning government in the cold light. 
The Federal government only serves the rich, the billionaires and the rest of us are not ever accorded serfdom under their regime.
I can list what needs to happen. It is revolution and it can be quiet and effective. However not enough Americans care that this nation is failed.
The only thing that seems to be functioning are the individual states and those states with non republican created agencies are doing better than the others. 
The greedy hoarders are not the panicked populace in wake of Covid-19 but the billionaires, the wealthy…they are the root cause of our failure. 

And no amount of wishful thinking that  your ship come in, your lotto ticket wins, you will hit it big will make you anything but a peasant, a serf, and indentured servant….. You will never become rich so pull up you pants and face reality that these billionaires despise you and laugh at you all of you who have voted them into office even when it was clear as the sun that they NEVER had your best interest at heart, never cared about this country except as a cash cow and You bought their lines every time every voting cycle….you all are the village idiot who voted these thieves into office and now the country has failed.