a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Tragic Loss of our Lifetime

After my initial reaction to the devastating results of yesterday’s election I am further appalled at learning that women actually voted for Trump. I can not believe any self-respecting woman could vote for such an odious man. Of course I have been watching him since the 1970s and to me he is simple rich white trash. However this is not about Trump he is the president elect no matter what I think.
What I want to write about is Hillary Clinton. No matter what she did or did not do in the past she would have made a better president simple because she would have been our destiny. By that I mean she would have felt the 100s of years of women suffrage, of women’s lot in life, of women’s oppression and all the trials and tribulations we as women have gone through, our mothers, our grandmothers and so on.
Hillary would have felt the weight of history on her shoulders and would have wanted to leave a legacy to be proud of. No matter what you think about her past adventures her presidency would have been different. Whereas this is just a gig for Trump some spectacle to look good with.
Not Hillary, she would have tried her best to leave this country better and united like never before. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter in the early stages but could accept Hillary as a viable President. She is educated worldly smart and a woman who came from the bottom….all of us women start at the very bottom no matter what we do. If we are no eye candy then we need to work twice as hard, learn ten times as much to be thought of as just OK.
I am sad that we can not have a woman for President in my life time. I do not see anyone equal to the job waiting in the wings; I am getting old and still there is no one to represent me in the government except a precious few women who fought their way to their seats. Yes we are oppressed here in the United States but women do a lot of the oppression. We have been pitted against each other by men like Trump….the only things that matters is our beauty. If we have no beauty we are nothing in the eyes of most men out there. If we have brains we are subjected to ridicule, innuendo, and rudeness that would have a man punching others in the face if he had such treatment.
But now American will never be great; no matter what The Donald says. As empire we hit the plateau some years back and are now heading down the slope of decline.
A woman president would have made a difference since she would have had all our mothers past watching her and approving or not approving of her actions as first woman President. But other women did not give her a chance and used lame excuses to not voting for her. It is tragic and we will rue that action. Other women voted against their own best interest because they refused to be sisters united. Our biggest fault is letting men decide our worth. And we lost everything this election.


After the election news last night I felt sick inside; my stomach turned and I could vomit. I also felt incredible sadness. I am in shock actually, because all my ideals, my beliefs have been proved wrong beyond any doubt.
I was always proud of my country thinking there was basic humanity here at least the regular people were at heart kind and caring. I have been ignoring the signs for a while I know that now.

After 9/11 things got very bad for me. I was harassed at work and lost my job. My career was destroyed on purpose by the same people who voted in Trump yesterday. So I have been dealing with this stress since 2002.
But I never lost my faith that Americans were down deep decent people. Until last night when they elected a racist hate-monger with no grace or class. Just a blunt sledge hammer personality which sees every thing as something to be destroyed for his perverted pleasure. He is the boy who tortures puppies, he sets ants and butterflies on fire with a magnifying glass with happiness.

It made no difference to those who voted for him that he was disrespectful to women, hated huge groups of people…We see his adult children spoiled, above the commoners, They grind their boots on our hands while we pick up their leavings in desperation.

I now see with eyes open that there is no more American ideal; no American dream except greed and avarice. Money for the rich is good and if a person is poor he must die to decrease his use of resources.
I am sad, and sad is such a little pathetic word for how deeply I feel this loss of country, of ideal of what I thought my grandparents immigrated to give a better life to their children and grandchildren. It is such profound deeply gut grabbing feeling. I am sick. I am bereft of any hope. Let the world burn now. I no longer live.