a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just Now

I usually write things that are serious since I am always thinking seriously. It is a lovely autumn day and I tire of being serious.The crows are cawing and the baby next door is unhappy and making her unhappiness known. The cars make noise going by but once they are gone it is all leaves in the wind sounds, the wind chimes and birds. Do motorcycle riders see any of the scenery when they ride I wonder? The huge ferns are turing golden. They grew to be 5 feet tall. Coffee was good today. The Old One is having trouble with eating, nothing seems to be what her stomach want to have in it. And theta traitor stomach will give me no clue. But at 97 almost 98 --98 if we count 9 month in her mother and lots of people do ;-)

So what is going on not much but the parade of life.Grab each day you can and strangle some joy out of it. To be serious all the time is not good gets too many people into trouble.
My big question is why does so many people want to deny most of the world a nice little life? I am sure if you ask regular people everywhere what is important few would day the domination and control of the world. Most are like me, a sound house, enough food and clothes to be well fed and warm. Family and friends, well cared for pets/companion animals. Energy to keep it all clean. A job that does not suck the very soul out from your guts each day. And no blood on your hands from killing. Am I right?

The wind is warm, the air has a floral scent, later the the sea scent will arrive but that is much later in the day.
There is lots of house work to do but this day is too nice to be inside. If not why even have a porch?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My attitude has changed

Once I laughed at jokes degrading women, you know blond jokes and all the rest. I once did not mind seeing women used as some sales tool in advertising, I would brush it off thinking it was normal and therefore OK. Not any more. I lost my sense of that kind of humor. I also no longer appreciate the art photos of lovely women or the more smutty ones. I am disturbed that female celebrities, actresses, singers, and others in the news type of women are trying hard to be so sexy and exhibitionists to get seen. They seem to enjoy this. However I see it as sad and pathetic to depend on transient beauty. Girls are still trading on their looks or availability to be a sex objects instead of education, self assurance, self respect and doing something with their lives instead of still becoming that sex object for hire. This is echoed to the older women and the to my age group to still be vital and sexy ( read young and available). An older woman is respected only if she is still wildly attractive to men. We are dependent on men for our self esteem. Men still regard women as some what inferior, not all of the men use that term "inferior", but they use similar words or phrases or tone of voice. Wink wink. So nothing has changed in my life time. We (women) are no more respected now then were were 50 years ago 100 years ago or 200 years ago. Our rights are still not respected, we still do not get equal pay. The old men in congress still have smutty minds and are are too nosy about mine and every other woman's "lady parts" and trying to control us. No one likes an uppity woman and they (the men who write ad copy, legislation, text books, TV shows...) still work over time to keep us in our place. They have divided us and with that division we are easily controlled. It is a pity. It is sad.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Next Round of Cheating Begins

I have just experienced the next round of corporate cheating. It seems every few months whatever I buy costs more simply because the quantity has been secretly reduced. A gallon of paint covers X amount of wall space. However the 64 ounces to that gallon has been reduced to 56 ounces so the rule of thumb of how many cans to buy is out the window. When I buy coffee I expect so many pots from the can. When I get fewer pots I think I am misusing my measuring spoon...but no! There are now fewer ounces in the can and I did not run out of coffee the coffee ran out on me! I have lately been being aggravated by the roll of paper towels falling off the the holder. Was it my nerves or am I just going crazy? NO! One benefit of having the Old One's stuff here and unpacking at leisure I cam across several older rolls of paper towels at least 5 years old( she was a devotee to Costco) The new paper towels are a full 3/4 inch shorted( narrower?) so they do not fit onto the roll securely. I believe the corporate world is gas lighting me! It is the big pot of frogs in the water with the heat on and ever so slowly the water warms....it is now scalding me, I am onto their tricks. It now costs more to live on less income. Yes the frogs are beginning get cooked. I have jumped out since I now know no corporation is trust worthy and it is now every one for himself. I read labels. You all can be the sheeple. I may have been reduced to a free range serf but I will wear the red in protest. The red ribbon is in. I bought my ribbon from China direct. No more fakery patriotism for me.