a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

I am listening to my Christmas song list on Youtube. I hear the words and am disappointed in the message conveyed by the sweet words.
I need to digress just a bit….I read the novel Hild this autumn, I was enthralled by it. To say I loved it is an understatement.
It is now 2000 years past the creation of Christianity. I see more hopelessness than was ever in the world of Hild of 500 ACE. I see so many hate filled postings on the internet from so called Christians. Right now our supposedly Christian nation( those who are in office tout this on a daily basis) is at war with nearly the whole world. Their apologist will say it is those evil Muslims who has cause all this but we all know better that we are no innocents in this area.
I can speak from each side on this matter. I can not defend either side, nor would I want to. It is the season of Jesus and all the ignorant people are screaming about putting Jesus back into the season.
Yet what is going on here in this “Christian” country? It is a crime to feed the homeless in many part of this country…. Florida is the leader in this. Our police are out of control and looks like they are staffed by lunatics. Our elected officials begrudge every penny to the unfortunate that even would appall Scrooge before the visit from the three ghosts. He at least paid his taxes to support the work houses and prisons.
Today prisons are a business concern run for profit.
Children are worshipped while in the womb, but once born it is acceptable to let them go hungry and live in poverty…in this the once richest country of the world.
We want to fight wars since we have so many nice weapons and created a perfect enemy that is self sustaining yet impossible to define…a perfect storm for the war profiteers.
We have Billionaires in this country that want to create their own version of dystopia in the once nice country. Their money can buy and has bought nearly every politician in this country. Their agenda is frightening to anyone who has read their desires.
We have leaders who are village idiots who think solar power uses up the sun and dries the sun to old people in the wintertime since so many die of the cold.
Only here( I do know this is not all true but it is illustrative) can a person be fined and jailed for collecting rain water. Only here is it an on going active campaign to limit personal solar power on one’s home. Only here are citizen referred to as “consumers” and not people, not citizens. Only here are we denied of rights to free speech… being told there is a consequence for speaking out. Knowing one will get fired from a job, or jailed, or disappeared for speaking out pretty much limits free speech.
So in this festive season of beautiful carols with now meaningless words people are buying stuff they do not need, and the message from the Bible was a lie.
Jesus’s birth did not bring peace on earth…in 2000 years Christians have not made a world of peace, love, compassion, or empathy. We are only told we first must die and then we have peace …well …….PHOOEY on that idea.
It was a tragic thing when the Christ’s Priests came to the land where Hild lived…..

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Different Perspective on Pearl Harbor

Today is the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack. After that attack this country went into a major war effort. There were real enemies and it was a global effort. A lot of countries were part of the effort; a lot of countries put their own quest for independence from being colonized off until the their occupier country had either won their war or last. It made no difference to the colonies who won.
However that is not the gist of my essay. I am writing on this anniversary of the beginning of our (USA) WWII to say we have brought shame on the lives lost in that war. We call it the Greatest Generation who sacrificed for what they saw as a real threat to the world…yet they died in vain.
As a government we have shamed our fallen military. We do this Wreaths Across America, we revel in the national patriotic holidays and grovel at graves we have elevated out current cannon fodder to be heroes no matter what. Yet we have betrayed the very deaths of our grandfathers, fathers, uncles brothers and all the rest who died a long way from home. They died cold or over heated, of starvation, of wounds, of being blown to bits; but they felt they were doing this sacrifice for the good of the generations to come, their children and grandchildren, for their nation and peoples. They died in vain. What have we created out of their sacrifice? Did we give the United Nations a chance to be effective? No. We started the containment of “communism” because we were afraid of another way of government or did we listen to the war profiteers to keep their war manufacturing sound? We spent the next 40 years out spending the Soviets and creating many little wars to keep the public off balance and not thinking about what was really going on. We could not contemplate peace anywhere. So many countries that wanted their independence were either denied( French Indo China) or divided in such a way to create the groundwork for infinite unrest. Now we face the real Damocles Sword of rouge nuclear bombs.
All this could have been avoided if our government could have looked at peace and worked towards that instead of feeding the bloated Military Industrial Complex. We fed the dark side all my life, yet I can see it was wrong. If all my life I was fed the party line yet I can see the faults and each step we took wrong… wrong from the peaceful point of view but not from the view of profit for the 1%. We fed the bloated Bureaucrats and stuffed the Businesses with so much money they take it out of the USA and put it overseas to avoid taxes. And what have the people gotten, we are accused of freeloading if we ask for living wages, affordable medical care & even food for our children. They are bloated with riches and we get nothing. Even what the last great President (FDR) created( Social Security) is being taken away, mismanaged, and destroyed so there will be nothing left for the poor people.
I am ashamed for the lives lost fighting WWII. I am ashamed for every dead solider since That war. We ask our young people to die, but give them lies to die for. The Serfs never asked why they just died, or ran away to America land of the free….now there is no where for our serfs to run too. I am ashamed our people died in vain.