a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What Republicans Mean to Me

I fear for my safety under republican rule. They are intolerant and ready to kill first and sweep the facts under the rug. They have no compassion for animals or people who are not wealthy. They do not follow any of then tenets of their religion, because kindness and charity are the fore most in all the religions I have studied. They do not allow the feeding of the hungry, they want homeless people to be homeless since of course it is their own fault they have no home and wealth. Republican spout "Christian" values all the time yet they use that Old Testament vengeance as their basic tenet, not the mercy and kindness from Jesus. Republicans love war and killing people and animals; they wrap it in red, white, and blue pseudo patriotism.... that is fascism for those who did not pay attentions in school. They wrap the pleasure of killing animals into tradition and that warm, fuzzy father son bonding. Nothing says love more than slaughter of innocent animals who are baited and staked out to be killed. Republicans Love war and killing those who do not look like them, sound like them, pray like them. By God it is good for business. It gives jobs to those young people who republicans insist on being born. It puts money into the pockets of their friends. Everyone can find a job in the body bag making factory or they are just lazy and don't want to work. Republican hate change, science, and progress. To them What was good enough for my granddad is good enough for me unless granddad was working for the WPA, NRA, CCC....
Republicans hate more than they love. They hate the unfortunate, the poor, the different. They hate women unless those women stay home, cook, raise those babies, and drop their drawers whenever their man gets a hard on. Of course those wives need to be kept in line and a few smacks with a belt or club or fist is in the Bible so it is all ordained by god to beat women. That is what I feel and see when some says they are a Republican. Now if I am wrong show me that the ruling class, the ruling party is different. Show me the child care, the education, the love of the Christ in action. Show me feeding the poor and not bombing countries. Of course ones a democrat gets elected they turn into a republican too since I do not see much coming from them either. They got theirs and they hell with those who are lazy( of course they do not know nor care about the facts....all poor people are lazy, eh?)
So the people in Pennsylvania can eat their dog and cat roasts, all those Maine can torture bears before they slaughter them. And all those who like to gnaw on the flesh of others.... well that is just tradition isn't it.
If this is what is meant by god bless america then I am happy to not be part of such a depraved god.

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