a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dry run, on schedule.

We are placing cages in the truck and car to see how to best secure them on the trip with out killing us or the cats. I put a harness on K2(aka turbooz) he got out of it the first time and I got it on correctly the second time. He laid on the floor and sulked after walking backwards. I eventually took it off him and he came right into my lap and forgave me the great insult to his catonage. He is, after al,l a former Royal truffle pig to the Sun King. No one else volunteered to try one on. We had a helper the last major rip and this time we are just the two of us in 2 vehicles. I will not move any distance again with all the cats. Where we end up we will stay even if we need to all sleep in one room during the winter to not freeze to death. I was thinking too much again last night and it was hard to get to sleep. I was thinking I have crammed a lot of living in the past 25 years. We are in our Silver Jubilee year of marriage and I have completed two degrees( we will not count the double majors)I had a career of ten years as a professor, I bought and paid off a house then sold it, nearly died in a car accident (a person on their cell phone was not paying attention) immigrated to a new country, became a citizen of new country, lost my mother and dearest cousinsister. Half the people who were at my wedding are dead...no make that 75%...;was involved in a million dollar lawsuit( I won but it still cost me $19K). Had a breakdown and then a lot of other not very nice things happened too. I am still here getting ready to move far away from here and see what the rest of life has in store for us. First we need to get to Maine with all of us OK and fine!

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