a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Friday, March 23, 2012

Calm before or after the storm

I have calmed down and the date will be Tuesday for movers and Wednesday we leave for Texarkana Arkansas, as our first stop. I need to line up motels. We need to stay at nice places since we have cats. Our cats are tidier than many children but for some reason they get a bad rep. How else are people suppose to go from point A in Texas to Point B in Maine with out any car railroad trains? This country is crappy when it comes to transportation. We are expected to have personal cars, we are expected to move for the jobs, we are expected to suck it up and be molested at the airports, we are insulted by the very existence of the Bus lines that treat people like scum. We are suppose to pay gladly for our gas to further line the pockets or people already obscenely wealthy so we may travel to the stores that are not within walking distance and there are no side walks to walk on and we pat drunk drivers on the head when they kill walking people, we allow gangs to infest areas after dark and terrorize neighborhoods that once were nice places to live. However we need to drive 2500 miles on lousy roads since whatever money states and feds are spending are not for at least a good road system since they refuse to give us back the trains. At these moments I hate the auto companies who helped ease out, rips out, and destroy the fine public transport systems of the cities and country sides. It was for racist reasons in the old days now it is just for profit. Yet the side effects are isolation, it is expensive to get anywhere for the regular people. How many can visit family 1000 miles away on a regular basis? America is a big country that should have been connected by high speed rail 5 decades ago. But we fell in love with the automobile because we were told to. We valued freedom but it is a false freedom since driving is dangerous and expensive. It take time we do not have, many companies want a longer than 40 hour work week, many expect us to work on the weekends and during what vacation we may get. Many always want us working. It is the old pre-union days when miners we shot to death for striking for a 6 day work week. Shot by USA soldiers and American Policemen, the miners were immigrants so what did it matter is some wop or mick got killed? Who cared if those people got killed. They died so we could have decent jibs, salaries and working conditions. Now we are in worst shape really since no one remembers the old days and how people died for an 8 hour day and a half day on Saturday. It is only 100 years ago.

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