a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Friday, March 9, 2012


Still sick. I am in a deep blue hole of despair. The house is sold the movers are on their way and I can't breath with out coughing. I can think of six people I know that I'd rather be sick then me. Yeah I am that type...bring it on my worst enemy, if not them there is no enemy.  I am enjoying my new song. One good thing. Yesterday the A/C was on today the damn heater is back on and I am sweating no matter if I am cold or too hot. Yeah virus, yeah doctors who stop the idea of universal health care because they do not want to be tied to the kind of salaries in Canada...They only get $150,000 a year and they do not pay for their office staff and stuff. I never made that kind of money if you add up my three best years .

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  1. Have you tried antihistamines? Shouldn´t cost much at yer local chemist. atleast in the UK they dont! /Douglas