a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am not making it UP

Everything is smaller now. I have checked and boxes I have bought to pack in, the newspaper I get everyday, the jars of food stuffs I buy, the towels, the everything I buy is smaller. Costs a little more and it is smaller so it costs a lot more, really. Wardrobes used to be 24 inches wide, now they are 18 inches, even the book boxes are 1 inch smaller....my books should fit but now they need to be packed differently. The newspaper is smaller with fewer pages so I use up a few days worth in minutes. I am out of paper, so I have stopped packing for now, the Sunday paper should be enough to finish. I know these things because I have moved across country many times, I have packed these same items for years, decades. The one thing that is not smaller are dinner plates. I was packing the few left from my mother with the few new ones I bought and the new ones are as big as her "chop" plate....a serving platter for pork or lamb chops. Dinner plates as big as a serving platter! I am not hard on my clothes and i have bought from the same company for decades and I have the same size top from 10 years ago and a new one from last fall...the new one needed to be 2 sizes bigger than the old one (and the old one is not stretched out....and I have not gotten fatter but lost weight...) I look at the measurements in a new catalog and have an old catalog in my mother's box of magazines I just brought from her house and have just gotten the emotional energy to go through and guess what!? The sizes measurements have been changed! There is a 3 inch difference between the size X of ten years ago and the size X of today! My hand cream used to be 6 ounces now it is 4.5 ounces. And the old one is just from 2010! No inflation? Cost of living is stable? Not on your tin type! If you think you are going through anything faster than you once did it is not you....It is the Big Corporations making a bigger profit with out telling anyone they have raised the prices. They made the package smaller not raised the price! Logic like a child, no? Logic of the greedy bastards. Many of you will not notice but since I have time I notice and that is why I go all granny on the world! By the way it is interesting to think that most of the "nice" glasses I have came with nice beverages as holiday sets. I have lived like a refugee since 2006 and I look forward to a stove, my real pots and pans, flatware and china....ooooh and cloth napkins, too. 6 years is a long time to live with hand me downs and goodwill finds. 13 days to go.

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