a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Monday, March 5, 2012


In bed and sick. Lying down in bed is not an option since not coughing is not an option. I am cold and too warm. My brains are not foggy( not any more than the usual anyway). I am vaguely hungry but what I want to eat is not made and I may make it later (noodle pudding). It is not illness but allergies but it feel as crummy as illness. Texas is giving me a good send off... every freaking plant is blooming. And for some reason everyone has landscaped with Mountain Laurels. They are beautiful and the picture on this blog is of one of them; but they are my nemesis since I arrived in Texas many years ago. I liked Texas in the beginning. Then the weather patterns began changing in the late 1990s. More hot days, longer summers, less rain in the spring and winter. More humid, muggy suffocating days. I would get up at 4:30 am so I could go walking at the school grounds and even then it was 80 degrees and so humid the sweat would pour from my pores and I would feel ill. I would watch the sweat bead up on my head in the mirror, it was bizarre. I could feel the process and see it. Then drought came after the last big floods in 1998. The days and nights were hot, humid, and full of dust. Then there came a time that there was not cool of the day. Summer would end in October, and reappear in late January. The few months of not hot weather was OK, but the dry left everything brown and dead looking. We lost any idea of seasons. We used to have long lovely autumns. Springtime was full of wild flowers that were so colorful it hurt the eyes. I get SAD but mine always is in Summer time. I am not a hot weather person, I don't mind the glorious hot summer days to bake the cold out of my bones, but these days lasted for 9 and 10 months of the years. It is oppressive. Now the weather pattern is cold fronts and warm ups in a matter of 48 hours. Freezing temperatures at night then a few days of oppressive mugginess. There is climate change and I saw it happening in just a span of years. So I head for a cold climate and all the related expenses, but is it better to be bundled up or curled in a sweat drench fetal position of despair? I take today off from packing. I will get up and deal with the mess on the dresser every now and then. I know I can turn to and pack up the rest of the house in a day or two so I can afford this time spent in bed. Better now then laid up in a motel sick on the road!

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  1. I´m not a hot weather person my self so I think I´m kinda blessed with being grown up in Sweden and now living in Scotland. But when the summer comes its all kinda comes at once as the summer is quite short up here. Looking forward to read about yer travels! /Douglas