a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Monday, March 12, 2012

Whatever minus 3 days

I am getting better. I packed a box today and cleaned out 2 cupboards. I am still coughing but not as bad or deep. Today was sunny after old 10am... at new 11am.... I do not like this messing with the time. It is like putting the scale up 5 pounds and looking like you have lost weight. For idiots really who can't just keep summer hours and winter hours. Here it just means it is sunnier)therefore hotter) longer and getting to sleep is harder since the sun is in the window. Bleah! :-P The Toyota's rear seat is a waste to put down ....will not help with cat crates. Trying to find a positive side I did decide now we can pack the trunk with more things we will need like clothes and cat supplies. Everything feels harder to do. Yet there is really less to do. I guess since it is because we leave no one behind this time. Yes that again. It is weird to move and no one is left behind to miss or say good bye to. Mom's and Dad's ashes are packed.... first box I packed. Nothing remains of the babies that are buried in the back yard. The Birds and the Possum will miss me. The trees are showing a little spring but mostly showing how much they are dead from the heat and drought. Not going to miss the heat and drought. I was able to walk across the lawn and make dust last October and there were ground cracks over 3 feet deep( I only had a yard stick. Not going to miss the heat. I feel like saying oooooo brisk morning, I need a sweater......

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