a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A rude awakening this morning! The alarm clock went off at 7:30am! I was in the middle of a very intense bad dream. It was a real struggle to open my eyes, it has been a real struggle to get the brain into gear all day. I did pack a box but we need to start getting to sleep early and up early since it is only 10 days until we need to leave this house! We need to pack the remaining stuff. I found crayons and I needed to color so I colored, I need to pack them. The CD player is packed, there are some CDs remaining unpacked. I need to get my dresser top packed....all my pretty bangles need to be packed away. I will miss them but I just look at them now so I hope to surprise me when I unpack in 4 weeks or less. I will not remember what is where....I have done that before thinking I will remember what is in a box with my cryptic codes! NOT! I am into the pre hysterical mode now, I spent time in denial of anything going on, then 10 days sick (5 in denial about that). Yes I want to move, yes I am looking forward to a new old house, and all the excitement of the trip with 22 cats...how bad can 6 days be? We have done it before with fewer cats. As long as the motel lets us in we are fine, I have the vacuum, and no one is a a naughty kitty they are all good cats....most are just elderly. I need to pack clothes for the trip, keep clothes to wear for the now and still pack up everything. What about cooking and eating? What about towels and bathing, what will I sleep on after the movers leave? We can't get a motel here we need to tidy this place up. So much to do and yet some can't be done until the last minutes! Help.

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