a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Thursday, March 22, 2012


The movers have arrived 12 days early!!! Now we are in a panic. Poor Sweeti he has never done all this before and he is dazed and his brain froze. We are not thinking of staring early but then we need to get the care taker to do all his stuff early and we could be in Maine before the 6 of April. I cut my finger...I did not feel it but noticed a large amount of blood on the the box...none got on the carpet! It is white and I hate leaving a satin in the carpet.(right pointer finger) He is off getting a new battery and doing some errands... it will be good for him to be away from the scene of hysteria. The cats saw my suitcases come in and are freaking out. I have done so much travel that they pout and pine when I was gone. Not to fear they are just going into a box! I am close to done with the packing but no reservations are made yet, and I need to clean the fridge. I have been cleaning as I empty any cupboard. We have been swarmed by bugs...I have sprayed them and now must vacuum their dead bodies. So we are freaked out and I can hardly take a breath from excitement.

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