a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Move From Hell

To update you all at this time( Kitties are eating so I have time) 1. If a person is moving and leaving the house the next morning do you, as a businessman, call the home phone number of the house that is vacant, or do you call one of 2 cell phones to leave the final total and weight so the customer can prepare for the CASH ONLY payment? Excuse "it was the first number I called and it had voice mail, I could not be bothered with making a second call"! 2 why give the next load to the driver that is 15 day day drive away-that is what I was told that I would hold up another move by 15 days by asking for a Monday delivery, no how would I like that? My moving date was scheduled for 30 March 2012, the driver called me 22 March and said he was in town and he wanted to move me friday. He pressured me until I had to make it Monday 26 March. He was out of my house by 12 noon.It was not until the load was in the truck that I am informed FOR THE FIRST TIME that it would be cash only, I put my down payment on a credit card. I paid my last move(2004) on my credit card and it was international(to Canada) I would have to be on the road by Tuesday 27 march to get there by Monday. I am driving a two car convoy with 22 cats. I need to get ready and go to the bank to draw money SINCE I HAVE NO BANK UP THER YET! 3 I was assured that this would be a great move and "we can work around your schedule since business is slow and there is a lot of miles to cover for you with 22 cats" should I believe that? 4 If I call and complain about harassing phone calls from the driver why am I told that he got there sooner and I need to suck it up and drive faster? Why was I told in a harsh authoritative male voice that we have lawyers for people like you? I was told since I was rude his nice offer was not going to be made. He used such intimidating voice and words like an FBI agent getting ready to water board me only with words.... Now me: I have 12 traumatized cats and rooms that have no doors on bathrooms, or too small a bathroom to keep cats in, who have gone bezekers. The scenery is lovely. We hit cooler weather. The Sweeti is also traumatized by the calls from the van driver since Q is a very gentle soul and all his wonder collections are on that truck(close to $150K in cameras and stereo equipment and odd valuables that we boxed up.. I called and said we had no time to go to the bank on Monday and draw cash for an unknown amount, I was told by the "lovely" lady who was handling me that it could be a few hundred dollars over or under. So I sent an exhausted Q to the bank on Monday and we slept on the floor and got a late start on Tuesday and found out we can't see in the blackness of the middle of nowhere good enough to drive with 5 hours of bad sleep. I told him do not answer his cell( the driver had the contract with me and had MY number first) let him leave a message instead of being yelled at while driving. So far that is the way it has been, duress to drive longer, stressed out from the whole ordeal of feeling like our possessions are being held for ransom or else! The motels breakfasts have been the only meals we have had since Monday. Love to you all we are in Winchester Va! tonight

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  1. I hope your trip gets better for you, lots of stress that you don't need