a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Room at the Inn?

I am trying to get a route map and places to stay that will accept pets. It is not like we will even spend 24 hours at any place. I always leave the place cleaner anyway. What I HATE is not getting a straight answer from anyone. We are not going on vacation. I would never drive 2500 miles for vacation I hate the roads and hassle. We are driving because we are moving and we have cars and pets. How else are we suppose to get to the new house with the cars and pets? Is there a train to park the cars on and a stateroom and a nice kennel car for the pets? NO! Why because no one here in the USA cares about people and their need to travel in safety. We have crappy public transportation because the Auto makers wanted to sell cars. I have no idea why the trains are so neglected....like poor relations at a rich mans table. We are staying in any place for more than a night since we do need to arrive at our destination before the moving van filled with our stuff gets there. Is no ones else moving? Does anyone really move across country anymore? I guess not. I will blog from each stop and let you know how awful the day was or how well it went.

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