a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting ready.......

The camper is on. Now we are packing the stereo equipment. We have an awesome system only a recording studio can match what we have. I can play anything and it is live and better than live. No puny ear buds for me! I have chosen my travel CD the sound track from "My Name Is Khan" it reminds me on why we are leaving the deep conservative religious right wring south that is so cheap to live in and heading to the wild cold, expensive, northeast. I test drove it yesterday and it did well in traffic on the freeway. So Shah Rukh Khan thank-you for a great movie. I only wish the ending were true and we were not still in danger from the GOP who wish us in internment camps or dead & the Democrats who lost the ideals of freedom and liberty. No one running the government is capable from clerk we have had to deal with to the elected prima donnas who have no idea what it takes to grocery shop, pay the rent  and monthly bills or find a doctor who does not charge $150 for an office visit( 10 minutes or less of his time).
So the Magical America Tour leaves in a month and we are so NOT ready!

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