a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday less cold

The hail of Friday night brought a chilled weekend. I have discovered a nice alternative to flannel sheets which good ones are expensive.( My house in South Texas is not centrally heated and the freaking little space heater has a cord 15 inches long so it gets to no plug but the one in the hall.) I folded a twin size blanket( of which I have many since I inherited them from my mother) length wise and placed it at the near foot of the bed under the top sheet, stuck my feet between the blanket. Also there is no reason to not just put the blankets as bottom and top sheet. The fluffiness of the blanket warms quickly and feels warmer when I slide into the bed.
I have been ripping and purging magazines. Now I am mustering up the courage to just freaking toss the rest unlooked at in the trash. How many recipes do I need?  How many ideas do I need? If I was saving for collages (which I sorta was) but I am moving now and I need to pack useful stuff not hundreds of pounds of magazines. So Do I Need these? No I can cook. I can veg any recipe. I already have 12 recipes for cookies all different for the holidays. I have saved what I found useful as in colors and decor since the house need a major decorating work and some reno. Why am I sentimental to a magazine? Since I have entered a new age decade I need to reinvent me again- to make this last act of my life happy, secure and fun. If I can unperson a relative why can't I toss a freaking Martha Stewart Living or Old Vegetarian Times? This is a problem and I will toss them and not look back. sigh and deep breath......

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