a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stealth Virus Attack & More

After a lovely Valentine's Day I got a vertigo attack. I have had it before. It is a huge inconvenience. The first time it sent me to the ER. It lay dormant for a while and flared in 2006 sending me to the ER again. I now have the only medications that help it. I swear by L-lysine, Only I ran out for a week and did not take any. L-Lysine is suppose to suppress the virus from dividing and it does...at least with those I know who take it. I read about it in Life Magazine in the 1960s. I dread this on the road. We will be driving for 5 days with the fur babies to our new old home in Maine and the trip is a hard one. I will be in my car with cats, and spouse will be in his truck with cats. Finding lodging for the night is the hard part. It will be in March and the weather can go anyway bad to good. I can not believe how many people have said to leave them here! Some of the cats are 19 years old! What kind of human being would abandon an elder of the family to the elements?
 Here is our projected route: San Antonio to Baton Rouge, La; to Memphis, Ten to Knoxville Ten
( Tennessee is a long state!) to Winchester Va, to Willkes-Barre Pa, to Auburn Ma then to Milbridge Maine. Which should be the last move before the grave yard. We need Pet Friendly motels and I worry about bedbugs too! I always leave the room cleaner than I get it. Only 5 cats have never traveled by car for any distance. The rest are seasoned travelers...I hope they remember that! We will need internet connections since he will be teaching an online class, and I will update everyday. By the way He will driving a Ford Pickup truck and I have a Toyota Corolla.


  1. I suffer from vertigo as well but not to such an extent!

    Hope your trip goes well...


    1. Thank-you, Pearl. Thankfully these attacks are not often but they knock me down. I will keep everyone poster about the trip!