a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Very Cold Again!

I hate this weather too. It is too hot most of the year, but winter it is warm muggy one day and then 38 the next! We have begun Valentines Day early.
I have been watching a series about Mirza Ghalib a poet, or rather one of the greatest poets ever from pre-India Indian subcontinent 1820-1860s. The British were even more evil than we are now. And that is saying a lot!
 Since I used to teach literature and poetry, I love good poetry. And I can ay from an expert point of view that Urdu poetry is superior to English poetry. Not many westerners have read or heard poetry from the Indian subcontinent. It is mostly sung there and even poems 700 years old are still recorded by todays singers. Urdu is a sublime language, the nuance, the delicate turn of emotion into a word, the depth of feelings I have never encountered in English. I take a sentence or two to explain the two words in a couplet of Ghalib, however that also needs a footnote to explain the idioms. To be fair a lot of people need to have the English idioms explained since "awesome" has been debased to a non word like wow.
On another topic. or Change of Subject(COS) I have noticed that a lot of people are not happy being a people/human. We are so wrapped up in some creation of "otherness" to one's person that it looks like we are not comfortable in our skin and must decorate and change the permanent appearance of our features. Just a passing thought and not worth much. I do know I love the escape of science fiction. This is a world of pain caused on purpose and inflicted suffering by design of men. How long will it take to care enough about life to let others live and not get in their face? When we care for the already born people then I will listened to the pro-life people talk about the sanctity of life. Which life is not sacred?

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