a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Longest Journey Begins with.....

someone stealing a brass coupling from the man putting the camper shell on the pick-up truck and little heater for the cats. How low can a person go? We are packing the house and planing the route, looking for motels that will let our crated cats spend the night in our rooms. We ask no discounts but only a chance. We have done a good thing...we have taken in stray cats and nurtured them. All are spayed or neutered, all have their vaccinations. All eat better than we do (and when I score the nips I make sure it is the good stuff). We have done this over the years and we love those who still live, we miss those who have died. We celebrate their lives as well lived & happy.So now we need to plan a route and pack the house and see which cats crate will fit in which vehicle. We have 22 cats: Frosty*, Jedi, Sidney, Angela, Rajni*, Sherin*, Farida, K2, Tommi, K3, Jenny, Punkee, Raji, Douglas, Nelson, Fredrika (aka binty batuta)Scotsman*, Inky*, Baber*, Amber*, Scholar*,& Shaherazade*. the ones with * are from the early 1990s. So we begin our journey of 2500 miles with one step and some one put us behind 3 days by stealing a brass coupling from the shop where our camper shell is being put on( It was one of his customers! and one wonders why stealing is such a nasty crime!) And that is why we have cats!

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