a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today I Began.

Today I did the unthinkable. I am throwing away magazines. I am going through my favorite save magazines and ripping them apart to save just the articles I am interested in. So far I have 30 pounds in the trash. And about 18 ounces of good articles on decorating and the odd recipe or two.
You see I am moving 2700 miles northeast. I will be going to a new climate, with four seasons: almost wintah, wintah, still wintah, and road construction.
Yes. folks, I am moving from deep south Texas to Maine. Everything I have to wear here will not be warm enough there unless I wear three days worth of Texas togs at the same time. In fact I am in shorts and a tank top now! All the decorating ideas need to produce a feeling of warmth and coziness. I am moving from a 1940s bungalow to a 110 year old New England gothic revival( cheap version); from 4 rooms to 12. So I will have a lot of decoration to do once there! However there are some repairs that need to be done and I may need a new furnace since it seems to be not as sound as reported. ANd all the fun stuff will have less money so I need to be frugal but wonderful.
BUT before I can decorate I need to drive with 22 cats 2700 miles in March. My husband will have the caper on the pick-up truck and I am in my Toyota Carolla. The hard part is the weather. And the way we wanted to go through Dallas has about 300 miles of road construction going on so we need to go through Houston. So from now on until I can find a separate Blog place this will be about the "Great Pack and Move and Drive 2700 mils with Cats Adventure. I hope to have Wifi in the motels so I can upload pictures and post daily about what is going on. So stay posted to this site and I will update daily( or more since we are not leaving until March) about the packing and getting ready to move from here to way up there! I will share hints and helpful tips about moving packing and all that kind of stuff like that there!

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