a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Friday, February 3, 2012

Liberation part one the Magazine.

It is very liberating to be realistic about my life and what is coming. I am ripping out fewer pages but being realistic about what I am really going to want to do. I need to repair and decorate a nice large home. I need to plant a garden...vegetables and flowers. I will bake and cook somethings, but I will not try every recipe that looks interesting and therefor it is tossed. I may get two very heavy boxes of magazines reduced to one slightly heavy box.
Today was a date day. We had to go downtown and I got lunch out. A big treat since we are thrifty people; eating out must be a treat and respected as such. We went our favorite Viet Nam restaurant, they have vegetarian food and I enjoyed it very much. I think I will able to recreate the Pho at home. It is a gloomy day but warm in the upper 70s. The breeze is hit and miss. When it is musical I like it the best. I have the most beautiful wind chime. It sounds like bells and distant music. I spurge on it 2 years ago and never once regretted the purchase. That is the secret to being thrifty. It is not spending that is important but wise spending that counts. That bang for the buck. We drove to the park and enjoyed watching the birds. The park is untidy but a real jewel here in San Antonio. I could be like Golden Gate Park( at least the one of my youth) if there was some vision and brains in the leadership of Texas and Texas cities. Truly after living here so long I am amaze that these politicians can walk and talk at the same time. But I get to leave and this warm muggy day will  be a dream in just a few months( and I may miss it who knows) I know I will not miss having wet hair all day! So the selective ripping apart of all my favorite magazines is still in progress. My paging thumb and shoulder ache. But I am going to a new life and want to have a fresh new age in place lifestyle since I am only getting older and I hope better and wiser.

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