a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who does this to an Old Lady?

Auntie Nellie is 95. She is nearly blind and gets an injection in one eye every six weeks which has given her some sight back. She can not drive. The sister and brother-in-law which had agreed to take her to the doctors every six weeks did not show up this week and she had to ask the lady she pays to pick up her mail to take her! She lives alone no one sees her or calls (except me) her. Yet there are several doing nothing nieces who have the big enough house( empty of children) or no real life( bums who make do with odd jobs) all in their 40s who could stay with her or have her in their home that are just a few miles away! I am 3300 miles away! I now need to fly out, rent a car and then get her ready to move and fly her and her cat to Maine. I do not mind at all. However that there is lots of family there gripes my cookies. They are all selfish bloodsucking leeches as far as I am concerned. No matter what she is a human being who has lived to 95 and should live with some dignity and not beg people she is PAYING to do what they are being paid for. To tell someone they are at fault for living so long is wrong on so many levels. It is a moral outrage and a moral crime. I am the atheist in the family and not the pious church goer. This is so wrong to allow an elder to live alone. So much for all the god preaching and this makes every day in church and synagog a lie and they are such hypocrites it makes my head hurt.

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