a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just a Ramble through my brains

I have some time to write since I am not doing the breakfast dishes. I need to say this up front:

1. I hate the state of New York.
2. Verizon/Orion Moving company is lousy and nasty to use.

That said I will also say that I really believe that the US government needs to change. I can not afford to keep warm (I am not talking shorts and tank top warm, but fleecy pants, socks, under shirt, long sleeve top shirt, and cardigan)-heating oil prices are too high and it cost $904.00 to fill my oil tank with 238 gallons of oil. A lot you say, well not really; I have been here since 1 April 2012, I have put 200 gallons in and we ran out in the middle of the night Sunday night. We still get frost on the ground here, I have several(10) very elderly cats and I am no spring chicken myself. The Oil companies are making buckets of profits, the US Government is squandering my and your tax money on war and murders and all round being nasty in the world. Politicians are spending more money I get in one month in 5 minutes for their political ambitions. It is morally wrong to do that while people like me (there are millions here in the US) are cold and with out any medical care and dread the fall or getting ill.

I cannot believe how mean and stingy those who wish to rule this country are and I can not believe how mean and stingy those the politicians pander to are. Why is it such a crime to be poor? I am educated but without work. What am I suppose to do? Die and decrease the surplus population? Why can't our tax money go to subsidize heating oil, universal medical care, public transit, and more?

Why not subsidize the food buyers and not so much the mega corporate food industry who makes obscene profits making junk food out of real food? How many aisles of plain wholesome food are in the markets and how many aisles of chips, cookies, crackers, frozen pizza and other snack food are there as compared to real cook it food? I bake bread, takes about 2 hours but there is a lot of time to do other things during the process. I bake bread since quality bread is $4.99 a loaf. I do not trust a loaf of bread that can be balled up into a ball the size of a tennis ball-not even a soft ball! Bread is the staff of life and it seems that there are too many people who want to deny that staff to everyone...seems like they are very religious people too. I know they probably want us to go to god( aka die) since that is the important part of their religion we have to die before we can be happy ...seems strange to me to think like that. I was thrown out of Sunday School for questions like that. No one wants to answer my questions, now or then.

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