a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another nice day for an outing

Whenever it is nice out( sunny) we go off for a drive. Today we went east towards Canada. Campobello is still closed for the season. We saw our first beaver! It was a big one but it was moving a a fair clip. So our first beaver. We drove along Route 1 and Bar Harbor/Mt Desert Island has nothing on the views and loveliness of this drive!
Machais, East Machais, Whiting, and all the places in between were charming. Pembrook is creepy & haunted looking, and that was on a sunny day. It is a living ghost town; it felt spooky. Very interesting.
We wanted to take pictures in Machais which is so pretty, the river was boiling and the flowers were blooming but there are vampires there. We were swarmed with biting flies! I got two pictures and then back into the car! However the drive was lovely and it is a bit cooler and drier here in Milbridge although sunny now warmer no vampires yet. This is the nice part about here not hot!

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