a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bar Harbor

We drove to Bar Harbor yesterday. Meh. It is OK but no big whoop! I think for scenic beauty the drive from Ellsworth to Milbridge is as nice and the Scoodic area nicer. Cherryfield is more quaint, more authentic than the tourist trappings of Bar Harbor. I went to the River "Bank" Gallery at 8 Main Street in Cherryfield and bought a beautiful house gift for me at a very nice price. Fred Langsman is a courtly gentleman who is well read and a lover of beauty.
His Gallery is well worth the visit. The whole town is well worth the trip. It is only 6 miles from Milbridge. We may not have the "history" of the robber barons of the gilded age but we are at least real. Jasper & Sons Wyman's wild blueberries are from here and they were voted the best on the market. Less traffic and about 90% less to buy if you want a vacation home makes this area a paradise. Today as was yesterday is sunny and cold-ish. The sea air is a tonic. I put up the house numbers today.
We are also getting ready for Auntie Nellie. She has decided to come and live with us. No one who is 95 should live alone. I think everyone should live with someone no matter the age just for safety and company. I need to figure out what kind of papers she was forced to sign a few years ago. No one need feel bad about living too long! I already plan to feed the deer so we can see them from our baywindow. Getting the small room ready is the first step. We are short on money since the State of Maine wants for a lot to be legal here, the the finishing of the big room and main bathroom needs to wait. But the small room is warm & sunny, with nice views. The 1/4 bath can be made into a 1/2 bath rather reasonably---I hope.
So all in all this move was a good one. We will adapt to the colder climate. We are glad we have room for Auntie Nellie. With all the relatives she has in California you'd think someone would have her in their big homes. But after the way I was treated I can't expect much form them can I?

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