a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Closer to human

Today was the first time I have felt goodly human. The sun is still out; there is a sea breeze and it is cool. From the window I can see civilization: a grand Victorian house wishing for a new owner, power lines, cars, trucks and strolling people. But with just a lift of my eyes I see the bay, boats, pine trees, cedar trees and those trees and shrubs that have not felt the awakening spring, they remain strangers, soon to become friends. I only miss my birds that I have been feeding and had to leave behind in San Antonio, Texas. There is not much to miss really. It ceased being my home when my colleagues turned on me after 9/11 and then became a place of sorrow when my Mother suddenly died in 2005. I have always left a place behind and never returned when I decided this was no longer my place. I have a place now in New Brunswick, I have people who are more family to me then those who share my DNA. Now they are only an easy days drive away not 6 hard days driving. I now need to establish me here in Maine. I think from a Feng Shui point this is a good location. The house has not been kept well and tells me she wants to be pretty. I was thinking plums and purples but she has said deep red, royal blue, pinks and saffron or cantaloup of all colors! The house in Miramichi wanted yellow and burgundy, pink and chinese red. She got that with a big dose of deep ink blue and is happy now. So deep red and royal blue, saffrons and pinks it is. Warm happy colors for this cold climate full of grey days, drizzle, and snow. As it happens I am short of decorating money and have many ideas. The fist lust/love/ want had to be abandoned... my classic 1934 stove on legs. It is $5600. The new propane is $389 delivered plus an additional $150 to install, as long as the old nasty judas of a stove is removed I will be happy. So I will have function and new since $5600 is so far off budget as to be silly. Only the rich people can have the common things from vintage days! Paint is cheap and ideas are free, and elbow grease is eased with aspirin. I want to spend money on recovering these chairs, ottomans and other chairs. I bought them at a used hotel furniture store and they are built like rocks so worth recovering. I just need to get the right fabric that will wear well with the cats and clean as well as these do. So all in all I am recovering from the trip. I can not say enough about the moving company. They made the trip a horror on wheels, that left us shellshocked, exhausted, and disgusted with the entire industry. [Verizon/Orion Lines for those who wish to know their name.] If I can not move it myself next time it stays! No company is worth that kind of grief again.

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