a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Sunday, April 22, 2012

22 April 2012

On April first just 21 days ago at this time we were packing up the babies in cages and then in our truck and car. I did manage to eat breakfast at the La Quinta in Danbury Connecticut. Then our last frantic leg of the trip. It would have been a good trip if it were not the moving company lies and deceit. It is almost behind me now. We arrived and paid their ransom and they unloaded our crushed boxes into the cold night. We finally got our babies inside at 9:30pm. We managed to get them all here safe and sound. They were fed the house was warmed up for them and I found bedding in the jumble of boxes. Then we had no hot water! So I sponged bathed and we slept.

Now just 21 days later we have hot water(yeah!) two set of new stairs and the back ramp is redone, the front door lock. We paid too much for the lock but we have no one like we did in San Antonio or like we do in Miramichi. We are trying to settle in and so far so good. Now I am getting a cal from my Auntie Nellie( I had called her for her 95th birthday on Easter. She had a tale of woe then and I offered to let her live here.) So yesterday she called me and asked if my offer was good. Yes! So now we are getting the place ready for her.

I can get the little room ready in a few days since we just need to move those boxes and books to the great secret room upstairs. Then when I get her here she can help with her own bedroom....like would she like another window over looking the meadow and brook, what color for the walls. I expect her to live in the whole house and just use her room for sleep or a retreat. This house is nice it is a full 2 bedroom house on one floor and then the second floor has 3 rooms and a full bath, then there is the third floor room still to get flooring of a proper nature but a nice light room.
So there is plenty of room for Auntie Nellie and her cat Boris.

So we are here and now getting ready for my Auntie. There are plenty of nieces to do what I am doing but no one who cares enough. The ones taking care of her now (she lives alone and they just come once a week or two weeks) are angry that she has lived so long and hasn't died and left all her "wealth" to them. She gets around with a walker, still like a good laugh and likes to eat and drink and have a good time......Let the good times roll. I just need to get to California and get her and Boris on a Plane and fly to Maine!

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