a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ramblings for a foggy morning with rain.

A lovely day today and nothing in particular is going on. I have the electrical work done for now. I can plug stuff in, in all the second floor rooms! The stair elevator is in and working. The front door is fixed..take that stupid locksmith!....New doors to replace the drafty old doors are on order. When it gets cold in Maine the draft is not so good! Put up some pictures on my G+, read some articles online and have a few comments about how women want to be sexy and such with our pictures we put up for our ids. Well DUH! All we are are sex objects to most men so why not look as pretty as possible? And Men have some very interesting photos too, trying to look all studly and such! All we have are pictures and what we write. I look like my photo most of the time. Some are too afraid to even put their real name up let alone their real face, so I do not see the point of saying that women do it to tease men. Men started all this business about keep us in our place so they need to get over it and let us be fully human too. COS(change of subject) I do not like either person running for president, I do not like either party, I still do not like FOX anything although I listen when it is on...I cringe a lot since I am not as stupid or as gullible as the average FOX viewer. Please, does anyone really think that O'Reilly does not spin his information? It does make me afraid for my personal safety since people believe their dribble and hate talk. Some of those women talking heads are very prejudice; their words and tone are so full of hate and real ignorance of history (recent) and how big this world is. COS. I am finally getting a handle on this house. What I clean is staying a bit cleaner and once unpacked the boxes are tossed. Makes for more walking space. I am thinking of colors for the walls, stencils for decoration, and using the outside electrical conduits on the walls as part of the look. Believe me banging out the 112 year old plaster to rewire and then drywall at about $25K for the plugs was not an option! So the conduits are going to become part of the design.......Well that is a wrap for now..... I will fill you in later when i can find the lamps to plug in! Who does not label a box! 17 say kitchen glass, not one says Lamp. :-)

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