a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Friday, September 7, 2012

FOX from New TV viewer's view

I have been watching TV with my Auntie for a week now here at home and for 3 weeks in California. She likes FOX. I gave it a try. As an open minded person I wanted to see what all the fuss was about since I have not watched broadcast TV since it went digital in 2009. I see all the techniques they use to inflame and misdirect viewers. They really are TV side bombers. They do a lot of damage to the collective thinking of viewers. They remind me of the flim flam people who do that pea under the shell game. Of course what is truth? They have their agenda and the No Spin Zone definitely has spin. What O'Reilly says may be true but it is out of proportion to the subject matter used to inflame and misdirect the attention of the viewer. It is obvious they do not like anything but oil from the Middle East and Muslim countries, it is also painfully obvious they believ it is the right of the USA to have it cheaply. They are very strong in the anti Muslim bias no matter what they say their essays. Their delivery says this to one who knows the tricks of inflection and innuendo. They are reactionary and not true conservative, and they interchange liberal with socialist, communist and independent thinking. They are so in love with Israel that all others involved in that part of the world become subhumans in their attitudes. It may be some form the collective guilt from the USA refusing to let Jews in this country when Jews were allowed to leave Germany before they were interned and murdered. Or it may be the desire to enable the second coming of Jesus. I do see they are irrational when it comes to people with out faith or belief. Makes them livid and they fall all over themselves to scream and rant( albeit in a modulated voice-at least some) They all love to shout and talk over anyone who has a differing opinion. It really becomes a free for all. I get agitated while watching because they leave out so much information that is vital to being an informed person. I do see that those who like it already are biased against Muslims, anything from the non-Christian perspective, and believe they are not poor but not yet rich. Many cling to the dream of wealth like a rosary, or their cross.

Here is one fact about drilling or oil sands/shale here in the USA...it will not bring down OUR price of gas unless the resulting oil is not allowed to be sold on the open market. Take that to the no Spin Zone.

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