a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Decorator's Blues

I am waiting for people to come and do work. Roof. Install the stair lift. Put more than 3 outlets up stairs. Create a safe walkway in front, and a driveway....So many mechanical things that need to be done before the fun of a house to decorate is to be done. And so goes the decorating money.....I did the house in Miramichi on a real shoe string budget. If memory serves me correctly I spent less than $500 on the whole house including the sofa, love seat, and chair I got used-ish. They are perfect for the slipcovers I can get here but I am not there.

This house needs major work. The former owner was a jerk, idiot, tasteless bumpkin, low class white trash- and many other epithets I can find. Suffice it to say this house needs major decoration and repairs to become nice. Anything he did, he did wrong. The new-ish kitchen cabinets are installed so there is a tilt forward so everything tips over or rolls off. The position of the smaller set of cabinets does not allow for enough room to get anything larger than a person through. There is, however plenty of space so it could have been installed for ease of movement of things like washers, dryers, fridges...... but no, something was amiss in his logic part of his brain. I have heard stories but so far I see no evidence to corroborate these rumors. I will stay with my own list of epithets. His mother raise an idiot.

This could become a lovely home. It has a nice view. It is spacious. The rooms are generous. I just need to remove the tacky, jerryrigged crap and that takes time and money that could be spent in paint, door knobs, flooring......

I need a ladder. And I need to feel better. I spent the last six months packing and stressing about all sorts of major unexpected bombs that fell on our life. All cost money that we did not have to spare.

However, I am trying to find the right red for the sun room. The red I love is on a game I play on FB. I have curtains that will be fantastic with this odd reddish orangeish color in my head. It is a soft color. I would like a velvet finish. It is warm. The room is sunny and I need a color that will envelop during snowy days and complement the green and trees outside.

As for the kitchen, What can I do with 6 doors? I could start from scratch. I would like to. But the budget will not allow for such extravagance, since the downstairs bathrooms need major work. Whoever invented particle board bathroom cabinets should be drawn and quartered.

So I wait for the men to get time for me so I can do what I can do.

At least the closet will be nice when it gets done. But what to do with my wonderful clothes hangers?

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