a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Needed ...A Change is Society

I am inspired by an article I read on the internet about opioid addicted babies being treated with music therapy .....
What the hell have we devolved to?
In my youth unwed mothers were shamed and sent to a home and forced to give their babies away. The fathers were ignored and the onus of the birth and life of that baby fell on a poor young girl or young woman. Many times her family disowned her and she was as abandoned as her baby.
We, as a society, fixed that. We did not want shame on these women since birth control was non-existent, in many cases abortion was illegal and expensive when the back ally abortionist was found. The woman could end up dead as well as the baby. We as a society changed that. We took the cruel stigma away...on a whole a good thing.
It is still a tenuous right and many states have gone backward and are embracing their fear and loathing of women.
We were asked to no longer judge these unfortunate women. Also a good thing.

However today we are so far away from personal responsibility, personal shame in our stupid actions that no one is learning from the mistakes of others. We are told not to judge. Well I say phooey and it is about time to judge, time to revive personal responsibility, time to demand accountability of all of us.
If Drugs are the problem in a person's life then let us revive the term junkie. Since every one I know who "has a problem with drugs" is really a junkie, let us call them that. Drugs were cheap when I was young. They are not cheap now ...so these junkies really need to steal or whatever to get the money to get their high. We accept that So and So has a problem....excuse me we are the ones with the problem we are the ones who get burgled, see our relatives in squalor strung out and sick. We bring them in to clean up only to have our car stolen, the kids piggy bank broken into, and all the jewelry taken to pawn for another joyride of good times. ENOUGH.
If a woman who wants to be a junkie, that first time taking the drug of choice is what? A CHOICE! So be it but, no woman need get pregnant & bring a addicted baby into the world to be taken poorly care of by her, family or the state.
That addicted baby will have problems all its life. I had a cousin with fetal alcohol syndrome since his mother could not lay off the booze to ensure that child had at least an even chance. She never raised him after he was born either. But that is another chapter.

As a society we need to legalize & regulate recreational drugs. Illegal drugs are a multi-Billion dollar industry here in the US, has caused horrific crimes in dozens of supplying countries. Once the huge profits are removed then we can settle in to seeking the answers to why are these people wanting to get loaded all the time. As for the women they have a special burden of reproduction. All women who are doing drugs, who are junkies need to be either sterilized or implanted with Pregnancy control. Do not call it birth control call it Pregnancy control. No woman who is not ready and wanting to give up her life for her child should be having babies. If they have babies because of welfare that is another reason for better education and vocational training and a Universal Basic Income. No child should be a persons meal ticket. Foster care is also a big business riddled with abuse. No child should be poorly cared for in this world or this nation.

We changed how society responds before; now it the real test to change for the good of all so I do not need to read about addicted newborn babies who did not ask for life, BUT society forced it to have life. Then what? Abandons it to the wolves to live in poverty, want, hunger, and fear...some compassion that it and I say PHOOEY on that fake right to life people when that is just torture for their life. We need to change and we need to do it now.

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