a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

We All Can Crack

I read a headline today about Sinead O'Connor and a FaceBook video she made in the pain of a mental event( my interpretation) . I looked at the comments. I take the pulse of Humanity with the comments of all the social media.
A lot of people have little to no sympathy nor compassion since she is is celebrity and is therefore wealthy beyond belief. She is also controversial so the sympathy gauge is even lower. This shows how morally bankrupt we as a species can be. There is no religion that says I got mine and the hell with you …except maybe the Trumpsters, Republicans, and assorted Ayn Randers( who also call themselves Libertarians ) that I have come across. I need to include the new age Christians too. They are the epitome of to hell with you I got mine group.
However this has little to do with those people but a lot to do with what I have seen in my great many years.
I am my brother’s ( and sister’s) keeper from a social welfare standpoint. How many cliches can I conjure on this topic? There but for the grace of god go I? Comes to mind. Many times a day while reading the horror show of this world online I think that.
I currently live in a country that could not care less about the welfare of its residents if it tried. All the movers and shakers of this once great nations give zero fucks about anyone except themselves. A few like the president would throw their own offering under the bus to save their skin as demonstrated just recently. These people set the tempo of life here, and the sheeple follow in turn with a hard heart and I got mine to hell with you attitude all along down the line.
To get pleasure from another’s suffering gives many great pleasure . Ms O’Conner’ pain is nothing new. It is new blood for the vampires. I have seen this for a long time.

I grew up in a big city. I knew, as a family friend, my godfather, my father’s oldest and closest friend, a man who was the most famous in the city. Everyone with-in 100+ miles knew of him, listened to him or watched his TV show……for decades. Yet he was isolated in his fame as I am certain Ms O’Connor is now. Yes he drank, had many marriages and escapades that decorated the news papers and airwaves, that entertained those who never met him but certainly were in awe of him. Yes he shoved people away from him except my father and mother …and me since I had become an adult under his eyes. He was best man at my parents wedding 66 years ago. He brought my mother and me home from the hospital when I was born since Dad was at sea and near Okinawa. Home then was a hotel room, I slept in a drawer for a few months until Dad arrived home and then some time longer since rentals were hard to come by even then post war. So I knew this man from before birth.
Lots of interesting stuff can go here but will not. Let me just say say I was the last person my uncle talked to on the phone before he died. Whether he killed himself or not is still speculation. But accidental is I think the term used. We talked for about an hour. He wanted to talk to Dad but dad was out at the time and since we had interesting conversations in the past we chatted. He asked how my poetry was coming along -he liked what I wrote- what was going on in my life. Telling me someday the right man will discover me as a jewel and hold me tight.

He was alone and knew he had pushed several people away, and many more people drifted away because he could no longer supply them with his celebrity fallout. His aura of fame and andaz ( personal style) was sought after by those who feed off others. Fame/celebrity whores are all over, those sycophants who push the booze, the drugs, who go along and encourage the hair brain ideas the the famous conjure up in the rarefied air of manic fame. I know how it works. I saw it from the outside; moreover I saw it from the inside and knew the dangers, I saw the deceit, the lies, the harm others would do to the gentle souls, those delicate personalities who seem larger than life but are as fragile as an egg shell.

After a few years their shells are crazed all over and it takes nearly nothing for their shells to crack. Sinead O’Connor is one of those souls who felt so intensely and now her shell is crazed and cracking. And those who hate the celebrities they worship are the first ones in line to beat on the shell harder to crack it open with glee….shameful glee….that shows their bankrupt personalities.
Our world is bankrupt and many more people live in the poverty of the soul with out feelings, compassion or the least care for another living creature. It looks like the leaders of our earth are this way and many of us peasants like to emulate them….It is hard to swim against the tide of what little humanity is therewith out drowning. I could follow the tide of what is going on….but no….my soul is still intact….and yes there needs to be more help from the governments for health ( mental and physical ) for we the people. We the people no longer have the wealth and never really did to stop our lives and take time to heal. We are all not the same, many of us are not that strong and our shells are crazed ready to crack…..