a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Three Castes of Americans

We have an interesting Caste system here in the US. We have the Rich Elite, The Educated Elite and The Ignorant Peasant. The most mobile caste is the Ignorant Peasant. Once a person is in the Rich Elite there is no incentive for anything but power and dominance over the IP and the EE. The EE are stuck in their class since they know too much to be trusted by the RE and the IP are unaware of the power the EE could have.

The Rich Elite are those who were handed money at birth and a few lucky jerks who had an idea and bulldozed it into society and were successful.... Jeff Bezos, Gates and that guy who gave us Apple come to mind. The Old Monied families are dinosaurs and extinct they were the ones who had some level of duty to those less lucky than themselves Kennedy, Roosevelt, come to mind, to do public service for the greater good.

The Educated Elites are a mixed income group. Well read, paid attention in school, learned critical thinking skills and practice them. I am in that group. By the time I was able to afford to go to university I had already read the books, novels and other publications that allowed me to sail through university honing my knowledge, learning research techniques...I was fine tuning what I had done on my own.

Ignorant Peasants can be wealthy we have prime examples today...Trump, DeVos (and everyone else in Trumps circle)
as well as all those who voted and support republicans who are not wealthy now. IPs have few manners but manners as in knowledge are acquirable to those who want them ...all for free.

The most mobil caste is the Ignorant Peasant since to learn stuff is free....there just needs the desire. Every town in the States has a library or at least one close by. If this backward state I live in has libraries all over then most other places have libraries. The IP can be extreme trash and have no desire to read beyond the National Enquirer and watch FOX and the garbage on their cable or they can be readers of books. IPs come in all income groups, all races, genders, religions. Many IPs are willfully ignorant, revel in their ignorance as we see on TV and hear on Talk radio.....preachers, bullies, O'Reilly, that loudmouth lout whats his name, Kellyanne Conway....et al. IPs are all genders female, male, and trans. Since IPs are willful they can rise from one Caste to another.

A Few will go into the EE...many are driven by greed and happily step on everyone to get rich or whine in their poverty and suck lemons, scowl at every one with bits of ambition. They are genius at excuses for their lot in life. My daddy done it so will I. Or at least I am no {insert ethnic slur here} and feel superior to anyone they have no right to feel better than...... The REIPs cater to this group of their fellow IP. They are bread and butter of these vampires. They suck the marrow from the ignorant peasants and while telling the IP how bad they have it and they can fix it. IPs are either the laziest or the most ambitious of the castes.....I know many in this caste some are pleasant enough.....but the aura of common sense is missing...
So there is my opinion. I was born into the EE caste alas my sibling chose to move to the IP. Our caste system is mobile. These castes have nothing to do with income or money. Castes never did. SO which one are you in?

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