a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Me Update:

I am much better. It is a good thing I practice witchy medicine. With the American system it helps. Side effects/allergic reactions to drugs and foods that are not anaphylaxis are more common...at least on me...And the only medicine that helps are antihistamines for me.

I have discovered that when I do have any sort of reaction to food or drug or mote the area affected that is weak..a former injury site for me, is most common. So I won't swell my tongue, I swell an injured knee or shoulder. And the swelling causes pain and major problems. The allergic reaction then mimics some other aliment. If I see a doctor I get a new drug, but that drug does not take care of the original reason for the pain in the first place. So I do not go to the doctor until I try out my own remedies.

My mother was a nurse and she did the same. She was from the Old School, no antibiotics or wonder drugs when she trained those 3 full years. She was an infection control nurse, worked in a TB hospital (she had the vaccine for TB) she was a polio nurse, a surgical nurse. I was brought up with a proper hygiene life style and a good strong fear of Doctors. (Doctors have tried to kill me twice with Statin drugs. I have permanent damage of my muscles because of those doctors who dismissed my concerns.)

I am not the least "scientific" in the modern sense. However I am in the old days sense. I try things out and note the results. If I get the same results each time I figure this is a good thing. I know what to avoid and what to embrace.

As my study of me has shown the major damage was to already damaged areas from injury. If I get an immediate reaction, I know what to do. But when the reaction is slow over a week or so the underlying cause can get over looked and all manner of tests and such will not present the cause and then the drug treatments ensue if I go to the doctor. Since a visit to the doctor is not a desirable thing, I need to investigate on my own.

I noticed I was hurting and my knee was killing me for no real reason (I refused to just think it was getting old) I could not life the things I lifted a few weeks ago...I am not talking about years ago!.... What has changed, what have I done or ate that was new of different? Red rice crackers came in a few weeks ago and I liked those crispy sesame rice crackers. I ate them by the bowlful as a snack. A few days back I blog about what was going on and decided to reflect on what and why I was feeling so crummy. I was in major limping pain and was scared some horrible thing was going on with me...alone with a 95 year old and the too many cats...with winter coming...I was scared.

I stopped the crackers several days ago( the day I wrote the last blog. I thought my fibromyalgia was acting up...it is...but it was more than just that is was that Statin reaction again. It is the same each time and since I keep a journal I was able to looks up the past symptoms I had.

Last night I took the bendryl, 2 tablets & some vitamins (niacin, l-lysine, C) for good measure. I roasted my legs with the heating pad all night. Here is the clincher I was up peeing 3 times. A sure thing that the swelling was being taken care of. It always happens to me after a sever allergic reaction that the swelling is release through the kidney and bladder.

So I am on the road to recovery. I am better today than I was 10 hours ago. I will have aches and pains in all the places that were affected but they will ease up in time. When the tissues are swollen they cause discomfort and pain.

My theory is again proved for me. I need to treat the fibromyalgia still, however that is manageable with exercise, nutrition, and keeping the stress and bad thought at bay. The aches and crippling pain is gone. The residual is easing up. So this is the life of me.
A little Witchy medicine and common sense helped my recovery.


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