a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Little Detective Work

I have been feeling crummy for many weeks now, more so than normal. While in bed I wondered why. Why do I hurt all over for no good reason. Who beat me with a rubber hose all night? Here is what I came up with.

1. I moved to a new house and it is in need of major fixing and decorating. I am at the mercy of hired help that are not too good at time management.

2. I took in my 95 year old Aunty and gave her a home when she needed one. This has created a real change in my daily life.

3. My diet has changed. I am a vegetarian and would rather be one and it looks like I will revert and have to cook for her and me separately since my eating with her the same food is not agreeing with me. I now know I do not miss meat and I am happier with out it.

4. A few weeks ago I got in some great red rice crackers and I think my dainty system is sensitive enough to react with the natural Statins in the red rice.....Doctors have tried to kill me twice with Statin drugs and I know this pain is that same pain now that I observed and thought about it this morning.

5. I am drinking more coffee than I used too. Caffeine is not good for Fibromyalia of which I have, but had it under control until this move.

6. I do have Fibromyagia and I have not taken care of it for many months now. It is only natural that it should flair up when I rather it did not.

Life is hard and my body is telling me to do different things. That good heating on my knee made it feel great...I had my lap top on my lap baking my knee and my knee worked fine when I got up from bed; So I need to keep the knee warmer than I have been. Leggings under my shorts! The heating pad anytime I can sit....

I also need to do my Sit and Be Fit DVDs. There is no station on this stupid Direct TV that has Sit and Be Fit.(http://www.sitandbefit.org/) However the Direct TV ruined my TV for the dvd player so I need a new TV for my DVDs. TVs cost money. Lots of money. I need one that is smaller than the giant one I wanted; and it must work with my receiver and speakers and DVD player. I will acquiesce to having one in my room.

I need to feel better. For me for my babies, for my sweetie, and aunty.
So I embark on the olden ways that worked and maybe the screen on this little laptop is big enough to play my DVD until I get something bigger.....

Time will tell.

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