a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Best Person I have ever known

I am not the best blogger out there. I do not have a sunny side up attitude most of the time. I do not even want to research anything anymore- I always know the results before hand anyway- that is the Cassandra in me. I can complain about the weather, climate change, the broken government I live under, and society in general. And I do. But not today. Today I will share these letters. One from the professor and one response from a previous student. I do this because he deserves to be recognized. He graced San Antonio College for 27 years and gave his all to his students and never said a bad word about any colleague. He kept up with his topic- Geology- and he gave the best foundation for the subject that any Ivy League University could give. He always choose the best books for his students and did not dumb down the course. He valued and still values education.
This is his farewell letter- the only retiring teacher to write one. Professor Qudus is a class act and there is no one to follow him. Students will lose but so far the school is self-destructing and will not notice. Here is a letter from a student.http://www.theranger.org/opinion/letter-to-the-editor-thanks-for-job-well-done-mr-qudus-1.2666449
I feel the need for this man to be recognized in this day and age of blatant discrimination. He gave more to this country then he got. He was treated rudely by police, administration, UT at Austin Geology department when he wanted his Ph.D. and worked full time, commuted and earned good grades only to be told "your kind are not really...." Imagine hearing "Your kind..." and then have all your work for several years go down the drain in such a vulgar manner! And even his long term colleagues turned on him after 9/11. Wake up people not all Muhammad dudes are bad not even 1% are bad. This man educated people and for many he educated their children! His life story is as compelling to hear and as inspirational as any I have read. From a mud brick hut to a full professor in the USA. I will tell it someday if anyone wants to here about a real person.

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