a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Social networks

I am here too    The one thing I have noticed while roaming around the online social net works is people dwell in the silly and ridiculous or want to sell something. I have seen so many clips of cute cats and disparaging cartoons about women, and some about men, that I do not doubt my assessment of the quality of educated folk.
    Sometime, well most of the time, it is like hiding in a men’s locker room listening to their inane chat- cars, sex, nagging wives, and their work. That there are those who are religious or non religious and they find each other to argue the nature and existence of god. Politics are rampant but there is no humanity- it is all about money, making money...worst of all is the lack of compassion toward those less fortunate. I am told this is a Christian country but love of neighbor is non existent- there are hungry, homeless, sick people by the millions just in the United States of America and still there are great hordes of citizens who rail against universal health care and other social services.
     We like to gawk at Kim spending $10,000,000 for a sham wedding- how many families could have been given $100 a week for groceries for a year with that kind of cash? Rich wedding planners, florists got their share but the waiters still got below minimum wage and had to rely on tips. I always feel dirty after ready about these famous for nothing people- I never read the first hand events there are plenty of folks on the social networks to post this stuff that I never need go beyond Face Book or Google+.
    I live on the bridge between two very different cultures. Many times they do not mesh, well most of the time. I need to be on a tightrope to balance between the two. So I feel at an advantage to see from a unique perspective- no average westerner has this, and no easterner has this.
    If I lived in my home and not as a refugee I could network the old fashioned way- in the garden club or friends of the library. So now I am here and here is where I will ge involved. And who are these people anyway -Kim? What is she besides famous enough to be talked about? Never mind I don’t really care.

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  1. I love life no matter what it throws at me I try to stay positive at all times.I believe in the Lord and all that he can do but I must say you have a dim perspective on life.We all know that people are in need of things, we could work on our compassion a bit,and lend more of a helping hand but remember it all starts with you, me,and all fellow Americans,pulling together for the common good of others, thank you for your post it was a great read!