a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Phooey Number 2

What bothers me the most about the east vs west morality : Muslim women are veiled and perceived as oppressed this is true mostly, too. However western women are oppressed as being the vamp/tramp/ tease to weak men and always put on display, shunned if we are too fat, too skinny, too homely, too short, too tall, no boobs..... We are only acceptable if we are beautiful and do not speak out. We must be baby machines, cooks, house keepers and whores to the ideal of many men. We can go to school but are rarely encouraged to study anything in math or science, must not look to smart. An outspoken women, an intelligent women is emasculating and therefore not desirable to most men. Not only not desirable but dangerous. Every religious/Christian/ news/evangelist talk show male degrades anything and everything about a woman who does not parrot their ideals. So who is really oppressed? we are oppressed by men here as well as brainwashed women who insist on dragging down other women( of course only after they have gotten on the top!!) Look around and tell me if I am wrong. Who is more oppressed, I believe it is a tie.


  1. A friend of ours who is older than we are, has started on the man being over the woman. He doesn't think a woman should be in a position of power, especially over men. He's not talking just about the Bible saying the husband should be over the wife, but all men being over all women. We have a hard time getting him off the subject.

    1. yes it is a long generational held belief. That is the hard part to change the old or at least ameliorate the effect on those younger until his generation dies off.