a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A New Direction

I have been reading more news than is good for me lately, and I have decided that how we ( you and I )are referring to those we violently disagree with is counter productive. Calling people morons and stupid and all the other low terms is not right. Yes they are stupid heads since they are diametrically opposed to our views; however calling them names does not change their perception of themselves. And changing that is what I am all about.

A person who is very interested in another's sex life is more a voyeur. Some one who is bent on interfering in a stranger's person affairs/life like birth control, or who an adult loves( another adult, too) is perverse. Those who obsess about strangers sex lives are perverts.
The whole idea of being obsessed with personal lives as if they have some sort of right is perversion.

People who want to attack ideals like a living wage, medical care are Stingy. There are many words that fit this category. Those who do not want for other as they have and are chive to deny others like medical care, clean water, adequate housing, wages are more Rapacious. It is a selfish greedy grasping attitude that want to deny happiness to others. Who resent others having any happiness.

These terms are broad enough and the general meaning know far and wide enough to make this work as descriptions better suited to challenging the broad array of office seekers and talking heads on TV/Radio/ Print.

No matter how "clean cut" these talking/writing heads look their minds are perverse. They really are not aware that they are voyeurs and perverts so we must remind them that this is what they are and their religious beliefs are misconstrued and a misinterpretation of the whole intent of religion. This also goes for those who are violent in nature also.

It is more a case of mass delusion and brainwashing. Just because a lot of people are bellowing about their ideals does not mean they are correct. Just susceptible to other's bad intentions.

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  1. Tolerance. That's what it all boils down to. Talking to s person who does not believe the way you do and civilly presenting your facts in the hopes of changing that person's mind. Sometimes it works, but if it doesn't then we have to agree to disagree and part on civil terms. Well, at least one can hope.