a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Say No To Walmart

What's new?! Well I have spoken to 2 real people and got the run around by the fascist corporation of Walmart. They are the exclusive sellers of the 8 in 1 brand pro-pet Fresh Results clumping cat litter(yes it is still that topic), Walmart has systematically been reducing and eliminating the supply and availability  of this product. For people across the country this is a problem. There are 4 very good reasons this is a good product:
1: It is light weight and clumping. This is good for older people and those with disabilities since the total amount scooped is not heavy and easy to manage. Makes cleaning the litter box easy and safe.
2: The scent does not trigger allergies in people (tested on a super sensitive migraine sufferer and a person allergic to the chemicals in nearly all the scented clumping litters, blind testing)
3: The cats like it, their feet do not get itchy and they retain the hair on their feet and bellies. Where as other litters cause skin allergies and sneezing in several of my cats.
4: It is priced right and affordable to use by those on fixed incomes.
Walmart has refused to allow other stores to carry this product. So Walmart has monopolized the availability of this product. There is no shortage of 8 in 1 Fresh Results, no problem in the supply nor the demand side of this product citizens are struggling to find this product. Walmart, for its own arcane reasoning, has chosen to deny the citizens who desire this product to be able to buy this product.
 This is part of the corporate fascist state we have let happen because of our desire to buy cheap goods made cheaply. We have denied the right to a living wage for ourselves and others in this world. We have let a multi Billionaire corporation dictate what we can buy. Walmart stores run other stores out of business. They have destroyed the ability of smaller and independent companies to do business by their corporate greed and avarice. We are to blame by patronizing Walmart. We were suckered into their stores and like a drug dealer we have become addicted to their cheap goods, bad attitude and manipulation of the marketplace. Try to contact Walmart! You will not get a person but an endless list of choices that are not suitable to your needs.
Suck It UP America and Say NO TO WALMART. Buy at anywhere else but Walmart, or do not buy at all!

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