a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Sunday, October 9, 2016

People vs Human Being

I have decided that people are all of those of my species that are nasty, evil, and just not evolved to the point of compassion, love, and intelligence.
I had a set of cards made up to give to people who want my email, telephone number, and the spelling of my name like business cards. In the blank place where I was to put profession or a whatever I am I thought a long time. I am no longer an English Professor. The people who black listed me in San Antonio saw to it that I would never work again. So then what am I? I write poetry and make crafts take care of home and cats....nothing much really. I decided to put Human Being.
I am an evolved Human Being from where the words Humanity, Humane, come from. Since most of the people I see and know are not that evolved People describes them best. People are scum-buckets, self centered, cruel, evil....a litany of bad words in all their definition glory. So when ever I write I hate people it is not the Human Beings I am speaking of. Much like the Chief in "Little Big Man". Human beings are in the minority. People are a dime a dozen and mostly take one they are free. I can go through the list of who they are but for a real Human Being they will know whom I am referring to.
Q picked up Munchkin from the street this morning and she is now dead. Munchkin was a baby, all fluffy and very pretty but wild. We are feeding her mother and when Munchkin showed up she was fed too. People allow these cats to become feral by being too cheap and mean to spay and neuter, then turn them out when they are no longer cute kittens. Throw them away as if their life does not matter. I have news for you People. All lives matter. And right now every life matters more than People's lives since People are the blight on the face of the earth. Cheating, lying hate-filled, thieves and degenerates. People are pathetically depraved. That is why Human Beings are such a small minority on earth. We are killed off fast by People. Like cockroaches People breed and swarm all over the Human Beings.
So, when you contemplate your actions EVERY action think are you a People or a Human Being? How evolved are you really? Do you cry for a Munchkin, for those who are fleeing the wars we started in Syria? Are you happy with the thought of more wars, or hungry children in our own country, begrudge those who just can't function and call them bad because something inside them can't? Think about it. Our numbers are small and that is why the world is in the crap shape it is in. One Human Being for 10,000 People can not change anything although we try every day. We try.

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