a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Over all view of life in the wake of the republican misanthropy

I have a nearly 99 year old aunt living with me. It is obvious that she needs more full time care than my 24/7 can do. I am exhausted, I am living in a jail and it is my death sentence since I am not a young person. She should be in a skilled facility that can help her out of bed to the bathroom, and help her to her chair and when she needs to move around. She can walk with a walker but I would say she is at maybe 40% capacity. She can not stand up longer enough to pull up panties or slacks to dress. And using the bathroom she can manage most of the time except when she falls. She falls 2 ways a slump to the floor and the argument with the floor and the floor wins which results in broken noses and many bruises and swellings. There is a lot of other little things she can and cannot do. However it is my health and life that I am now concerned with. I wanted to enjoy a day out with my husband just a day.But I needed to cancel out today since she fell and then told me getting out of bed was hard and she almost could not do it. When there was help for her( consequently me) after a major fall last year, she threw out all the nice helpers that came several times a week. If she would not have been bitchy she would have learned strengthening exercises and have had to do them instead of sit all day. She may not have been stuffing her face with cookies and candy( if she does not get her snacks she throws a tantrum. I tried to get her to loose a little weight since for her size she is about 25 pound over her best weight. But she threw a fit over that too. So the only things she lies to do is sit watch TV or read. I am tired and feeling so trapped by my own good intentions, but it is obvious she needs to be in a old folks home. However that is not easy nor cheap. And here is where the republicans fit in...they hate medicare and anything to do with poor people. Yes she is poor but has a pension and her social security. She has my home and I am suppose to sacrifice' my life for hers according to the government. I say Phooey. A few of those bombs and drones can easily take care of 100s of Old old people until they finally die. But the repubs like the war profits.... I am sad, disappointed since I have not been on an outing for more than 4 years....I am worn out.

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