a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I strongly support a universal basic income, universal health care, a free education, and all the empty houses and buildings being converted, refurbished, & renovated so no one needs to be homeless in the United States. We are a wealthy country. This and the past many presidential/congressional governments have squander, pillaged, and raped the national treasury. It has held its citizenry hostage to the special interests and big corporations until we have a broken economy, a fractured people divided more than at any time in the history of this country. We allowed presidents and congress to create never ending wars to pads the bank accounts of the war profiteers. Why is it so repugnant to others here to not want to have the taxes we all pay got for these above things instead of tho Military industrial complex? Why has the medical industry become an "industry" and not what it was suppose to be to make the sick well and keep the healthy well?
When did we cross the line into hating the poor, wanting to kill them, making them suffer, and then make their children suffer? How depraved do you sound when you say I don't want my Taxes to pay for the education of other's brats? When did you become so arrogant and callous that the idea of providing meals in school to children seem like an outrageous idea? What has become of the ideals we used to espouse, that are embedded in the arts of the recent past that we trot out during the holidays as being the symbol of this once great nation?
We are in a decline morally when we rather hate than love, rather let others starve while we throw food away in front of them then shoot them if they try to glean it from the trash? How depraved and ugly this country is. How much we are in darkness than wanting to waste the time to light the candle. We squash hope in others now as a pastime. It is shameful. And all who voted for these people currently in office share the blame and the shame.

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